Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colors and Styles

What would you think if someone were to goof up your decorating scheme? What if that someone were a hardworking and beloved husband? Here's my story.

My guy decides he wants new sheets and a different blanket on the bed, so we go looking at triple B. (That's Bed Bath and Beyond, where my daughter works.) We finally find sheets to his satisfaction. The colors he chooses are not my favorites, but I say, "just not the red." He picks navy blue. I would have gone with cream, turquoise, or even dark brown. I think, "Oh, well, I can live with that if we can get something to cover it." We also got the pillowcases and since there are no bedspreads to be had anymore, the pillows are going to show. We skip the quilts because they are too heavy. We finally find a cotton blanket that is a thickness he likes. Now we have the color problem again. He is willing to do cream in the blanket, but they don't have it in the right size. That leaves brown, which doesn't go now and pure white. I say, "now it will look more like French Provincial that Colonial." He gives me a look and says something like "who cares?" I think he just doesn't know that I have certain styles that I like together and some things just don't "go." He knows what colors he likes, but styles are out there in the stratosphere for him. Are most husbands this way?

I decided that since he was the one who wanted the new things, he could have whatever he wanted. (In the spring, I will have my light quilt and color scheme back.) It makes him happy, I think. At least I hope so. And hardly anyone will see our room. We don't use it to throw coats on at get-togethers or anything like that.

I got everything neat and ready and on the bed. I had to get a couch pillow whose pattern pulled the colors of the pillowcases, blanket and the room together. It didn't look bad. Did it look good? No. I wish I had my colors back. But lately, I'm thinking that I make too much of imagining what my house would look like in a magazine and just letting it be clean, neat, and comfy for my best guy. That's how I feel now. It may be a long winter.


  1. Oh yes! Every man in the world I think has the same attitude toward "style"! I myself couldn't care less about how stylish something is as long as it is comfortable and suits my likes and dislikes.
    But here is where men differ wildly. I for one really don't have a defined set of likes and dislikes so therefore I am content to let my wife pick out everything to suit her tastes. This includes not only the decor of our home but my clothes as well. From time to time I don't care much for her choices but it really doesn't matter to me and she has long ago learned not to ask my opinion since I so rarely have one.
    On the opposite end of the spectrum are the men that have a very defined way of looking at their domains and if a particular thing doesn't appeal to them, it grates on them until, in an uncontrollable fit of fashion passion, they tear the offending item out and throw it away insisting on a more favorable replacement. These are also the men who, paying no attention to the disaster in their own garage, notice an errant bit of cracker under the edge of the cabinet and ask their wife why she never cleans! Believe me, I have known one or two men such as this and their wives are nothing short of saints for putting up with them.
    It appears that your husband falls somewhere in the more amenable half of the spectrum being willing to at least try to work within the confines of your tastes. It is wonderful that you are willing to humor him for a while and like you said, it's not like everyone will see it. Just keep in mind that we are only men, and despite what we might say in public, we desperately need our wives to help us through these tough situations. But heaven forbid we ever admit it!

    Oops, I just did, didn't I? :)

  2. Book Nut. Thanks for the funny reply. I often need a diffeent viewpoint to sort things out. Thanks a lot.

  3. Better to do something nice for your husband and hopefully he will appreciate it. Sweet wife!!! :O)

  4. I think it's wonderful that you put your own style desires aside to make him happy. You remind me of Jesus.

  5. they feel so good when our hubsters have a say in our decor --- especially things that can go under covers ---- shhhhh. *wink*


  6. At least he went shopping with you :). Ben starts breaking down after 5 minutes of any kind of shopping. It takes a wondrous woman to put her style aside for her husband's comfort. My hats off to you.

    Love you tons!

  7. LOL It's nice he had sme of his own ideas and you were gracious enough to let him try it. Not sure I would have been! But then my husband knows where his influence ends--at the door coming in from the garage:)

  8. Funny you posted this...my stepdaughter and I picked out the comforter for her bedroom this weekend...pink, pink, and more pink. My husband got the heebie-jeebies when he saw the picture I texted to him of it...and once it was there I noticed he covered it up with a quilt as soon as she'd gone back to her mom's for the week! I guess it's all a compromise...but sometimes you have to pick YOUR room and do what you want and then let him decorate some other room the way he wants!

  9. Hi Nancy -

    My husband gave me a free hand with the decorating. As long as it wasn't too fussy feminine and functioned, he was happy.

    Susan :)

  10. My wife is the same way about things around the house. Every time I make a suggestion, she rolls her eyes and tells me I'm color blind and she will take care of the color schemes around the house :-)