Friday, October 1, 2010

Rush to Lobster

We started our trip in Ohio, went through Pennsylvania to New York. From there we moved on to Vermont. We arrived in Bennington, Vt. in the evening. The first thing of note was The Old First Church lit up with candles in the windows. We later toured it and the graveyard where Robert Frost is buried. They still have services and it is one of the loveliest churches I have ever seen. Inside on the left, up in the balcony is a bench where young men sat and quietly whittled and whacked at the pew. So much fun to imagine those boys smiling away at the ladies across the way.

We stayed at Bennington Motor Inn where the rooms were quaint like a bed and breakfast. Dinner at Allegro was great. My salad had something unusual peeking through the leaves. It tasted like cheese and had the texture of mushrooms. My sister guessed tofu. I think she was right. Good, my first.

In the morning we found the obelisk monument to The Battle of Bennington. John Stark was the hero and his statue is out in front. Also the Green Mountain Boys come into the action. In the tower, reached by elevator, one can see out onto three states: New York, Mass., and Vt. The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to find the lovely covered bridges in the area. We were near three of them, yet managed to get lost several times. The map was a bit confusing. The blue sky and lovely landscape and the red of the bridges made for gorgeous picture taking.

One funny thing about this area was all the painted moose. There was one at the obelisk and several in town. My favorite is the "Starry Night" moose. We also got a picture of a moose silhouette on a moose crossing sign.

This left us little time to get through New Hampshire and get to our lobster dinner in Portland. We hustled across the state. The trees were just turning, so we didn't miss any scenic overlooks or anything. We finally get to near our destination at about 7:28p.m. Our GPS said this was it. "This is it?" We are at a dead end or near one. Suddenly my sister says "look," On her left was a huge lighthouse in the dusk looming over us. And "look there," I say. On the right, way up on a hill and back from the road is a building with a neon open sign. That's it. It's the Lobster Shack.

We got our order placed at 7:29 and the place quit taking orders at 7:30. Our dinner had a whole lobster caught fresh (that morning), fries, Cole slaw, and biscuits for $19. We didn't get any bibs or cracking implements. Lucking we were casually dressed. I cracked my lobster legs with my fingers. They were hot and prickly, but I persevered. Then the tail. Every bite delicious. Then I carried one of my big claws to the restroom. Several people were in front talking. I was feeling like a child, having fun. I washed it off and now it is on my bookcase.

We went out and looked at the ocean. Of course it was dark. Oh, it smelled so fresh and good. I had a huge overwhelming joy and I put my hand in the air. I think I felt like Brendan Fraser in Blast From the Past the first time he sees the ocean. It just does something to ya. More next time.


  1. Love the covered bridge and that you saved part of the lobster. :O)

  2. You really did make a lonnnnnng trip! It sounds like you have some sweet memories:)

  3. So happy for you, dear! In a town near us, they have painted horses, and my daughter's town has penguins. I think local businesses sponser them, and art students paint them, then they decorate the town. Thanks for sharing the pretty starry night moose with us!

  4. Hi Nancy -

    I love the kind of vacation where you drive and hit all the sights. Such fun!

    We also have several towns that paint horses and bears. They're quite a conversation piece.

    Susan :)

  5. That old bridge and the painted moose are very coooool!!! :-)

  6. What fun! I keep reading vacation blogs today...and I'm SO craving a vacation. I'm envious!