Friday, October 29, 2010

Sorry, I'm Not Into It

I will be glad when all of the carved pumpkins are at the curb. People seem to put up Halloween decorations sooner and sooner, so the Jack-o-lanterns look and smell nasty by now. And along with some creative and somewhat attractive designs, there are also many hideous and ugly scenes to look at this lovely time of year.

I'm just saying what I like. I enjoy beauty and these tableau ruin the landscape for me. When I take my grandson for a walk in his baby carriage, we pass a yard with a skeleton hanging from a tree, a man in an electric chair, and a large framed guillotine. I won't describe the details.

I'm not saying I think there should be laws or anything. I just will be glad when it is all put away for another year.

One time a restaurant got in the act with a skeleton lying in a fireplace trough and that cobwebby stuff all around it. I nearly lost my appetite.

I know the children have fun. But I'd just like to know, where is all the cry for healthy food when the kids are shipped into your neighborhood for bags and bags of candy? MacDonalds looks pretty healthy now, eh?
I used to enjoy Halloween, back when it wasn't overdone and most of the ugly yard designs hadn't even been thought of yet. As I say, my day is soon coming when I can go back to clear fall scenes without the icky extras. I told you I was a "Scrooge." Please forgive me and go on with your fun.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly! When I was a kid there was a family in our neighborhood that did a Halloween alternative party. We dressed up in nice costumes, no demons or witches, played games, ate lots of junk food, and had a lot of fun. We even got to take a bunch of candy home with us. Everyone agreed that it was more fun than trick-or-treating. I wish the trend would move in that direction instead of to the morbid and evil side as it seems to be doing! I just wonder how long it is going to be before Halloween becomes a generally dangerous holiday instead of a fun time for the kids to get candy. All the evil themes being fed into our kids have to be having some effect on them.

  2. This year we don't get to have our annual Pumpkin Patch party, but we usually have it around Halloween. We take the kids on hayrides, they pick pumpking out of the "pumpkin" patch and decorate with stickers, fabric and paint. It's been such a fun, not scary, way to celebrate:) I hate walking into stores and having my 3 year old scared to death over some yucky character hanging from a display and moving when you walk by!

  3. I love this time of year, but mostly for the fall beauty. I like dressing up in costume...that part of it is fun. But I don't have kids, so I don't really experience that part of it. We do hand out candy but it's tricky...I always either get way too much candy or not nearly enough!

  4. I do not celebrate Halloweeen. Once I heard what satanists do, I never wanted to have anything more to do with it.

    We went into a party supply store many years ago that had a plug-in display of a guy barfing in a barrel. The checkers had to stand hour after hour and see/hear that ugly mess. I've never gone back there again. Crudity does not impress me.

    I think harvest parties are fun, when everyone can dress up and play games and eat junk if they like. It's pleasant, not scary.

  5. Hi Nancy -

    We don't celebrate Halloween either. It's filled with evil and hate.

    We also have harvest parties for the youngsters. One year, everyone dressed as Bible characters.

    Susan :)

  6. You scrooge! *grin*
    I like getting free candy at Halloween, that's about it. I don't really like my kids seeing the ghoulish, scary things put up in yards. We'll skip those yards, a lot of times. But we go in a very kid-friendly neighborhood, so we don't have to see too much of that.

  7. You should have seen some of the houses in our neighborhood last night. It was ridiculous.

  8. *snickering* Funny!

    I like the candy, but does the candy like me? :)