Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two For Shopping

My daughter and I went shopping at the mall. We went to her favorite clothing store, Vanity, and she started trying on some jeans. It took a while so I moseyed over to the jeans stack. A very cute and sweet salesgirl helped me to find my size. This store carries jeans with the waist sizes and the inseam, like the men's pants do. What an idea! So I took some pairs into the dressing room. I showed the salesgirl and she thought they were too short so I got the next inseam size. They looked so nice. She was so cute. I asked if she thought the design on the pockets was too young for me. She said, no she didn't think so. I was wearing a pair a color between dark navy and black which she recommended. I sort of fell in love with them. When you are short and almost no jeans ever fit nicely, well you just wouldn't believe how happy I felt That they looked so good.

Then, there was still no sign of my daughter, so I decided to look for another pair since the ones I had on were half price. I found another pair I liked. It ended up, as I was checking out, that the second pair wasn't half price. I decided to get them anyway because when you find something that fits, you have to get it. (My daughter managed to get two pair for almost the price of that second pair. Oh, well.

We went to a Payless shoe store and I found some cute gym shoes. Recently, my feet have been annoying me by insisting on being between a size 6 1/2 and size 7. I found some 6 1/2 shoes, one pair on sale, that fit me perfectly. I was already into the buying mode so I got two pairs. Normally, I don't spend this much on myself and I don't get two pairs of anything on the same trip.

I guess this just goes to show you that some shopping days are better than others, you need to get things when they fit, and if you have scrimped a lot lately, you can splurge once in awhile. We both had tons of fun.


  1. I rarely have fun shopping! Especially when I go with my wife! :-)

  2. Ron - I'm sorry to hear that. It can be fun. I even go to golf stores with my husband and that is boring to the max, but I love being with him and watching him in his area of expertise.

  3. Nancy,
    I love to shop but being short too, when I find pants that fit, I grab them! I am at the in-between height--hard to fit. SO glad you bought them both. Jeans last so long you will be glad you did:)

  4. Hi Nancy -

    Good for you!

    I love to shop but often have difficulty finding something that suits my taste and fits well. Whenever those J. C. Penney $10.00 coupons show up in the mail, I'm a happy lady.

    Susan :)

  5. I'm the same way, Nancy! It seems like, when you do find something in your size, (as a fellow short person I can say this) you sometimes just need to go for it! You never know if they'll still have it in stock when it finally does go on sale.

  6. I always tend to find things I love when I don't have any money to spend. Then when I deliberately go shopping, I can't find anything!

  7. Stephanie - that happens to me, a lot.

  8. I need to go that store--I have a hard time finding jeans that fit. But I hate the name "Vanity."