Monday, June 21, 2021

Continuing On

I see that I have no comments on my post. That is fine because I just want to write and tell my adventures.  I finished cleaning my house, getting rid of junk and going through many journals, letters, stories and notes. Most of the paperwork I threw out but the nice things I donated. Now I am free to be and do. 

I just finished doing a speech for my ladies' church group breakfast. I am also a "detective for a S. Holmes.

My gardening is a bust. Have to clear out spring flowers and weed and see if any of the little seeds I planted last year come up. They should, but we'll see.

Being in my 7th decade, I feel I have a lot to share. What I learned from all my writings is: spend time on what counts for eternity. For me that is God first and then my family. That is something you won't regret.