Friday, July 27, 2012

The Summertime Seven

Since we are about in the middle of the summer, I have been thinking of all of the reasons why I love the good old summertime.

1. First,I guess, is the weather.  We have been having highs of 80s here lately.  That is a bit warm for me, but I can always go into the nice, cool, air-conditioning somewhere and cool off.  After any Michigan winter, even our last mild one, I love to be warm.  It feels great.

2. Another thing I love is my garden.  I try to grow flowers, though I don't have a green thumb.  This year I put in perennials and they have been thriving.  Such pretty pastel colors and a white one that is supposed to look like butterflies. It spreads wide and is so airy and so like a fairy.  My husband has been growing the sweetest tomatoes, of which, we have had just a taste so far.

3. Then there is the music.  I told you about the "Beatles" performance.  We went back and heard a top 40s artist who was very good, too.  There is nothing quite like music in the park of a summer's evening.

4. I have been eating ice-cream.  During the rest of the year, I'd rather spend my sweets calories on cake, soft cookies, pies, or great candy.  But in the summer, I love to let it melt a bit and just enjoy how absolutely creamy it is.

5. I'd say I love the beach or swimming, but I don't live near either.  When we do go on the road, we are too busy to do the evening pool thing.  Perhaps there is yet a beach this season.  I love to walk along and let the water wash over my feet and look for shells or anything neat nature might bring up.  In pools, I love to lie back and float across from one side to the other and look at the rafters.

6. Corn on the cob is coming up in August.  Need I say more?

7. Lastly, I love to have a bit of extra time.  I can catch up on making my cards.  I made another collage.  And I like to sit in my little room and, since I haven't found a retreat to go on, just sit in God's presence, pray, sing, or read over my scriptures and notes.  He always meets me there.

Hurray for summer!  What do you love most?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tables, Before and After

We have another addition to our family.  It's our brand new table and chairs.  We bought the old one in our third year of marriage when we moved to our big house.  My first son, Joe, was on the way and we needed to expand our furniture to include family activities.  The old one could be round, oval, or even more oval with its two extenders.  I liked the first oval shape and determined to keep it clear, no mail or later, school things on the table.

There were so many happy activities associated with that old wooden friend.  We had a few birthday parties, we carved pumpkins (before I quit doing Halloween,) cookie making, egg dying, craft projects, suppers and all of the rest.  It is the place where I wrote my first novel.  So many memories.

Nostalgia is nice, but then it is time to let go.  Of the six chairs, at least  half of them were scratched and marked  beyond repair.  The edges of the table were peeled off and even the extenders had scratches on them.  So, sadly we had to say good by and give it away.

Our new table is a rectangle and has one large extender.  Without the extra piece, our dining room is so spacious that the room is cleaner and brighter all at once.  We got another six chairs for the family when they come over.  Even with the extra chairs in the house, it won't be enough.  We may have to do a (yikes) kid's table.  And even then, we will probably have to go with the little trays that you put in front of your other furniture.

I can't wait to form memories with this new set of furniture.  Won't that be fun? 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcoming Amelia

Lar and I got home from Tenn. Thursday evening.  We were gone from July 1 to the 11th..  How excited we were to see our daughter, Dawn, and granddaughter, Amelia Rose.  We traveled the 10 hours including stops without staying overnight.  Dawn was recovering nicely from her C-section.  The baby was doing well, but it was considered a bit preemie, even at 6lb, 6oz.  The first night we saw her in her bassinet with the light glowing under her and a couple of lights over her  head.  As with many babies, she had jaundice.  Then she had to use an oxygen tube for a while and then a feeding tube.  Finally, today, I see that she is home.  Yeah!

During this time, Dawn, Daddy Dave and I did get a chance to hold her.  Oh, the experience of a newborn.  I remember it so well.  The Lord was faithful and let me be there during this time.  In fact, just before I left, I was having some pain in the side issues.  Flack is what it was.  My pastor prayed for me and a good blog friend Susan R. prayed.  So the trip was possible.

Now that I am home, I am so thankful for all that God has done.  He cared for Dawn through her pregnancy and brought Amelia safely to us and got her home.  I was supposed to help Dawn with the baby at home, but it turned out that I was a help, by the grace of God, just by being there and doing what I could.

Please forgive the delay.  I had so much to catch up on when I got back.  I am now very excited to see what all of my blog friends have been up to while I was away.