Monday, October 26, 2009

A Sure Supply

One time several years ago, I had a tube of hand cram that was almost empty. I turned it upside down to get the last little bit. Well, that little bit lasted a week. Sometimes, when you're sure a supply can't go much longer, God causes it to flow and flow.

Right now, I have this eye medicine that I'm supposed to use. The doctor gave me samples when I was in two weeks ago. On my last appointment, I told him I was almost out. The other doctor gave me a bottle to use when mine gave out. What I didn't know at the time is that the bottle I was using was more empty than I thought. And the sample has exactly 1mL to last almost two weeks. I know I can call if I need to, but I don't want to get some perscription at the end and then have to waste most of it. So I have been turning the bottle upside down and rubber-banding it to a hand cream bottle to hold it steady. So far, I have gotten four more days out of it(8 drops.)

The Lord showed me this is like the barrel of oil that didn't run dry. It's like the oil o f the Holy Spirit. When you think you're dry or "run out," He keeps pouring oil. My cream finally ran out and my bottle will be gone and even the oil in the Bible story stopped when it was time, but the Holy Spirit has an unlimited supply. Watch God pour out that Oil on a dry and thirsty field.

(Saturday was my six month anniversary of blogging. When I started out, I didn't have much to do, so I could devote lots of time to it. That was good because I needed to get a running start. I am rather busy now with lots of wonderful things. My blog still means a lot to me. I enjoy all of the friendships very much. I won't announce my "birthdays" until the year mark. That will be in the spring. By then, I may have some time freed up. Whatever happens time-wise, I appreciate all who have been a part of this new enterprise of mine. God bless. Nancy)

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Record Keeper

When my sisters and I were small, we spent many days at my grand-parents farmhouse. We are standing in front of an enclosed stairway. To the right is a parlor which my grandmother called the little room. Here she had a beautiful piece of furniture called a secretary. Starting from the top of the piece was an oval mirror and hat rack. Next came a slanted desk with three drawers below. To the left were shelves covered by a curved glass.

In the second drawer, we found all sorts of scarves and linnens. We were allowed to play with anything in this drawer. In those days, women and girls wore scarves around their heads and tied at the chins, babushka style.

The scarf I am wearing on the left was black and white shiny material. The one my sister is wearing on the right was white with flowers and a deep blue border. It was very soft. We spent many happy hours being princesses, ladies, and brides. My heart and mind go back to those days so many times.

The beautiful secretary now resides in my living room. It provided the backdrop for many important occacions at the old house we used to have as my children were growing up. For all these reasons and more, I treasure it. Because of all the pictures taken before it, I call it my record keeper. What do you do to catch a memory?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Season of Delight

This is turning out to be a pretty fall so far in Michigan. We have had a lot of rainy days, but the sunny ones are gorgeous. One day last week I was walking along and looking up, there above me were the most fantastic clouds I have ever seen. It was like a whole spilled bag of cotton balls, all smushed together and spread across the sky. And the blue around it was a sort of Wedgewood shade. My, oh, my.

I got my first apples of the season and the orchard is just down the road from me. Empire apples are a bit like Jonathan and a bit like Macintosh. So delicious and crisp.

I decorated for fall. This isn't something I have to do. It's something I love to do. I was a bit late because of all my busyness. I changed my candle from blue to burgandy, put out a few duck decorations, a few china pumpkins, put a fall boquet in my brown stone floor jar, dressed our American Girl dolls in darker colors and put fall cards in my wire card holder which I display above my cabinets. I never know how its going to turn out. I just start and God and I play with decoration.

I went shopping and got two new pairs of shoes. One pair is pumps and one is tie shoes. The tie shoes are a combination of Keds and athletic shoes. I love them. Also got three plaid tunic/dress things to wear over jeans and an undershirt when it gets cold. Plaid is so in this year. I know I'm too young for the look, but I just couldn't resist. One is my favorite tartan - Dress Stewart. And I got some perfume. Oh, happy day. A dear friend from church gave me two lovely bottles.

I'm blessed to be watching my grandson two and three days a week. Those are fun days for me. I still need to see the eye doctor about every 10 days or so. We are still in "what happened?" mode. God has assured me that at the end of all this are two clear eyes. He is so faithful.

I got two new jobs at church that I am very excited about. They are both in the area of my giftings so I am hoping to get started soon.

Lastly there's blogging and housework. The first I love and the latter I enjoy most of the time. The Lord has been showing me that He took care of me for the first portion of my life and I did a lot of worrying during that time. He said He was using this eye trial to help me learn to let Him carry the burdens. He said He didn't want me to waste any more of my life on anxiety. The latter years were to be the best years and I was to trust Him. So I hope you are likewise enjoying this wonderful fall season. If you live where the seasons don't change, come to Michigan. It's a stunner!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A New Endeaver

I'm going to start a new project on Friday. After much deliberation and a long-time wish to have someone read my stories, I am going to put one of my novels on my blog. The story is called Scribblers. Here how I got the name: I have loved C.S. Lewis for a long time. I read all of the Narnia books and quite a few of Lewis' adult books. So when I saw that a movie was coming out called The Lord of The Rings by one of his best friends, I decided to see it. I saw movie one, read the series, and then saw the other two movies. I got interested in the friendship between Lewis and Tolkien. I read several biographies of each man and was intrigued by their writing group called "Inklings." So when the book I was writing needed a name for the writing group my children were forming, I thought of "Scribblers." It's sort of a childrens' size "Inklings."

The story revolves around four friends, three boys and a girl, who love books. They live in the l950's. I will try to do a portion of a chapter on each Friday until the book is completed. I would love for my blogger friends to see if it is appropriate for their children and let them read it if they wish. Hope you like it. It will be under my pen name of Gracie Prior. See you Friday. Nancy

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heaven Scent

When someone comes up to me and gives me a hug (and they do this at my church,) I love it when they say "umm, you smell good." This hasn't happened lately because my supply of White Shoulders has run out. I love those small bottles of real perfume you can get for $8.00 around here. I haven't seen any of those lately and I can't expect a big bottle of the good cologne until Christmas. I don't like the spray ones. They don't smell as nice for some reason. Right now I'm stuck with about 1/4 bottle of something generally known as Freesia. It just doesn't do anything for me though I loved it when my daughter wore it.

The sweet perfumes have always been my favorites. Way back when I was a teen and was first allowed to wear perfume, I loved Woodhue. Then in college, a fancier and similar scent was Ambush. Then I got used to Sweet Honesty by Avon. On one Valentine's Day, my husband and I were beginning our lovely meal when the waitress handed me a small present - a bottle of perfume. It was called Bakir. Very heavy and sweet, but I loved it. Haven't seen it around lately.

There are some modern scents that are very popular, but I don't care for them. New brands I am considering are Tuberose Gardenia and Burberry. I get those samples from magazines, cut them in half and actually wear them. Every once in awhile I get excited. That happened with Gardenia and Burberry. The trouble with Burberry is that they have several different fragrances of that name and I don't know which one I tried. It was fantastic. It may have been the one with the plaid on the box, but I'm not sure. That would be cool because I love plaid. I'll have to investigate that some more.

I might just have to use up my paper strips unless I can get a small bottle of something somewhere. One thing I don't want is to be like the lady in the theater whose scent is way ahead of her. No, I want to wait for the lovely words, "you smell so nice today."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two Companies

Devotion By Gracie Prior
Read Genesis 31:3; 32:6-12
"I crossed over this Jordan with my sataff, and now I have become two companies." Genesis 32:10 NKJ
The Lord told Jacob to return to his family after sojourning in Padan Aram. He sent messengers ahead to his brother Esau. Jacob was testing the waters to see if Esau was still angry about Jacob's tricking him out of his birthright and blessing.
God promised Jacob in verse 31:5 that He would be with him. When Jacob was told that Esau was coming to meet him with four hundred men, he became terribly afraid. He was so frightened he arranged his family, flocks and herds into two companies putting his dearest near the end of the procession.
Then strangely Jacob related how the Lord had taken him on a long journey with just a walking stick and had mulltiplied him greatly.
I live in Michigan now, but I came from Ohio in 1969 with a teaching degree and a few possessions. I am now part of two companies, my family and my husband's. God has also given me three wonderful children, two lovely daughters-in-law, a darling grandson, teaching memories, and many encounters with Him and His ways.What has God done for you? Can you recount a legacy of blessings?
Jacob was still fearful after recounting all of the things the Lord had done for him, but he became positive by restating the specific promise from God. If it seems like your promises are outnumbered by problems, remember that God is still working in your life. He was faithful to Jacob, He'll be faithful to you.
Prayer: O God, thank you for the multitude of ways you care for us. Help us to be grateful. Amen.