Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Little Rooms

I finally got my two little rooms cleared of extra junk and decorated. The two pictures on the bottom are my Victorian room where I do my blog and have my favorite books which I always talk about. On the top is my new prayer room where my clothes now reside and which is serenity itself. The beautiful bedspread was lovingly made by my daughter -in- law and contains names of Jesus. On the wall is my hand painted banner of Aslan.

I am happy to say that there are now a few empty spaces here and there. According to Don Aslett in For Packrats Only, "wide open spaces is the American way." And "empty spaces are the modern equivalent of luxury."

I had to earn my extra space. I lovingly babysat many things that weren't mine for a very long time so that my kids could get their condos and have a place to put their own things. It feels great to know where most of my belongings are now. I only have a few items that aren't useful or decorative (read sentimental stuff.) I even gave away some of my own kids' baby things for others to use since I won't need them. So there you have it.

I hope I haven't stepped on too many toes to do this. Now my house is clear and I can think of other things to do. Amazing how to clear up one area frees the mind to do its job. At least it works that way for me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


When I heard about blogging, I decided that such an enterprise was just what I was looking for. Not only could I journal activities and thoughts as most writers like to do, but I could share my stories and articles which I had accumulating in the drawer, mostly unread. I say mostly, because you wouldn't believe the escapades my friend and I had, taking witnessing stories to cafes and consignment shop ladies. We were so nervous. As we handed over the scripts, the people were always so nice. Whether they later threw them away or the writings changed lives, I won't know until heaven. So I wanted the blog to be a place where I could share all the hard work and ideas I had amassed. Hoping to change lives, hoping to make a difference.

So on July 7, 2010, I finished my novel Scribblers. It took nine months. This baby was labor, I can tell you. So, week after week, I continued feeding my baby.

I want to tell all my wonderful writer friends who are always asking whether we are moving toward our goal that I have reached one of mine. The funny thing is that I learned along the way that the goal was perhaps silly and perhaps not very productive. Nevertheless, meeting a goal feels great and now, whatever comes, my story is "out there" for others to read and enjoy.

(For anyone who doesn't know, my story can be reached on its own blog. Just click the
Tell Me A Story at the top right corner of my regular Boomers blog.)

My writer friends are so special to me. I can't tell all of you enough how I am cheering you on with your works and hoping that you will win writing contests and get book contracts. I pray for you on a regular basis. You still encourage me to have goals. I am praying for a new one right now. I have found that it is the little spontaneous things that the Lord shows me to blog on that are the most fun and usually receive the most response. So for now, I'll just say, thanks for the encouragement that helped me to reach my goal. Nancy

Friday, July 23, 2010

To Be Read and Read Again

I believe I've told you that I read my books over and over. One reason I do this is, try as I might, I can't seem to find as many new ones that are as good as my old ones. So just this week, I finished rereading all of my Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis books.

I read them, not in the order he wrote them, but in chronological order, according to the story. Each book has places that are so good I actually underlined the quotes. Each book has its own treasures.

My favorite is The Silver Chair. If you know the books, this is the one where a prince of Narnia is kept underground. The parts in this dark castle beat any of his adult books for apologetics.

My next favorite is The Horse and His Boy. I know this one is somewhat politically incorrect, but it gives the best view of God as being always with us.

My third favorite is The Last Battle because Lewis' view of Heaven and the battle just before it, stirs me completely every time I read it.

Of course, everyone loves The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The expectation of Aslan and then the glorious story which follows brings the Gospel to children and the childlike.

In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, I love when Lucy hears Aslans' voice in a very dark place.

The Magician's Nephew shows a wonderful, creative, lush could-be scenario of other worlds. Such a resting place.

And Prince Caspian gets me excited about the legends of Old Narnians that just happen to be true.

So there you have it. These books always help me to be a better person. I see myself in the mistakes and goofs of the characters and I love that Aslan always forgives with a kind word, a smile, and a hug. I think I'm a little closer to God's love than before.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He's There

When you don't know what to do, there's Jesus. When you have failed at so many things, there is Jesus. When your best isn't good enough, there's Jesus. I said these things to myself not long ago, and soon, the hope I was trying to get, the spiritual boost that eluded me came rushing down and all around and all of a sudden I was saying, "Why Jesus is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. He is the great and mighty one. I am under the shelter of the Almighty. I can do all things through Christ. These are things that He has put in my heart and I know them to be true. Soon I was at peace knowing that everything was covered by Him and I just needed to rest in His love, and I did. I was soon asleep and I know I could have very easily been awake all night worrying. It's just knowing and saying whatever is going on in my life, there's Jesus. That made all of the difference.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Too Much Luxury?

I was just sitting, relaxing, being the first one of our wedding party to get my manicure and pedicure done. The door opened and a rather confused looking girl walked in off the street. "What sort of place is this?" she asked.

The desk lady said, "we do manicures and pedicures."

The woman still wore her perplexed face and said looking around, "what, you can't bend over and do your own nails?" She left.

The desk lady was shocked as were the rest of us. We certainly weren't expecting that. "That was the first time that has happened," she said.

It was funny to me because this was my first ever pedicure and only my second manicure. There was a pregnant woman next to me. I'm sure she appreciated the services.

I wonder what that woman was about. Does she go around to all establishments she feels are unnecessary and do her thing, or was this just a spontaneous bit of confusion at how far luxury has taken us?

For me, I had loads of fun. Our party took pictures, we visited, we got pampered. I don't get that too often. I know I prayed for that woman that she would have a good day. It may have been shocking, but she didn't spoil our fun.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And The Next Step

The big day finally arrived. I was as nervous as if I were the one getting married. My daughter was joyful and radiant the whole day and everything went according to the plan.

Now that the happy couple are off to their honeymoon, I realize that I need to do like the astronauts and "get back to earth." When nearly every thought and plan has been heading in one direction, it's hard to think what the next step is now that it's over.

I want to clean out my house, get rid of stuff, and simplify again. I want to do more creative writing, maybe some devotions. I want to get serious about prayer again. And who knows, maybe there is something else for me to do. I know that I'll be spending more time with my grandson, and that's a good thing. He's now at the age where a relationship can grow and I am having so much fun.

My husband and I had a nice quiet little dinner last night. I actually think I can learn to enjoy the quiet. (I know I can't go in my daughter's room right now or I will be sad.) Everything will turn right side up. We will be empty -nesters again. There's always more to see and do with The Lord guiding the way.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Writing For Him

I have given special skill to all who are known experts, so that they can make all the things I have instructed you to make. Exodus 31:6

This scripture refers to how God enabled the artists to make everything He wanted done in the tabernacle. When it really counts, like with the craftsmen in days of old, God gives supernatural talent and gifts to empower a work for His use and glory.

Did you ever think of your writing as an artistic gift that God had commissioned you to do? What if you were told by an audible voice that He wanted that particular play, novel, or article done for His specific need? You would be so excited and concerned to get it right. No? Well I believe that if you are a Christian and you are working on something you felt led to write, then you can claim this promise in Exodus 31:6 of supernatural skill. After all, He does speak to His own and He is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You are not alone. See Him standing over your shoulder as you click your keyboard. He points, He nods, He corrects. Are you a "known expert?" Someone knows about you and believes in you. Go on and do that work for His glory.

(This is my big weekend coming up. I will tell you all about the wedding next week. Until then, be blessed. Nancy)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

All The Duckies Sang, "Happy 1st Birthday" Little Ty

My daughter-in-law, Rebekah planned the perfect Ducky Birthday party for my little Ty. The day started overcast, but the sun came out and stayed out. First, the little ones were in a plastic wadding pool. Then, my grandson dutifully ate his veggie fries (bottom pic.) After all the group was fed, the children and those young at heart walked to the nearby water spray area.
When they all returned to the pavilion, Ty had cake and with his friend, another birthday boy, ate the small cake to shreds. Then he pulled all of the tissue out of the packages as his mom tried to interest him in the presents. Lastly, he and Grandpa (top right) splashed in the little pans that were put out for decoration. What a fun day. I think, even with so much going on, that "little guy" had lots of fun. Duckies loved it, too.