Monday, March 25, 2013

Families Round the Table

Some of my favorite memories are the times my family and assorted relatives gathered around the dining room table.  It may have been at our old house, our new house, Grandma's old house, her new condo, the cousins' house or others.  It didn't matter where as long as we gathered in one of the oldest traditions, the family meal.  The best of these are the holiday family meal.  This year we are gathering at my middle son's house with my daughter-in-law and our grandchildren.  It will be full of laughs, trying to remember who is the pickle person, and giving thanks for our wonderful Easter celebration.

When my family was young, my husband and I were both somewhat traditional in our thinking and even when the kids were small, we made a big deal of dinner and other meals.  When all three kids flew here and there for baseball games and ate a lot of hot dogs, Larry made sure that we had at least the majority of the days with a sit down, "how are you doing?" sort of meal.  And my kids have responded.  They probably would have done so without our example.  I am almost a non-cook and my husband has raised three very good cooks who have spouses who cook.  It truly is a family gathering point.

And so this Easter, I am happy to be remembering all of the lovely times we have spent together over the various holidays and not so fancy days as well. 

The same son's family and I will be sharing a church service together on Sunday.  It will help us all appreciate the true meaning of Easter or Resurrection Sunday.  Jesus is the reason for this season, too.  May you all have a blessed Easter and those of you who have vacations, enjoy them!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Cell Phone or Computer?

I was thinking of all of the new technology we have now:  cell phones and smart phones, computers, i pads and i pods, Kindles, video cameras, GPSs, and other devices.  I was thinking of two basic ones that I use every day, my computer and my cell phone.  If I could only own one of these two, which would I choose?

There are some good points on both sides.  The computer is where I stay connected to people I don't really know like my blogging friends.  It lets write much easier than either a typewriter or pen and ink.  I can show my friends pictures quickly that would take much longer without the computer.  I can be connected to networks that keep me in touch with old friends.  I don't use it in my work, but nearly everyone uses it to communicate through emails.

My cell phone is just a snap and close variety, but it is a new one and has a few features my old one didn't have.  Ever since I got a cell phone, I have used it to take with me when I drive.  It's there if I need it.  I can call and ask someone at home what brand of something to get when the original brand is out.  It is just so convenient.  I can't imagine living without it.  I can't believe that I ever traveled without a phone.

 A couple of rules to my little game. You can only own one device, but you can use a computer at the library or elsewhere and you can have a land phone.  So maybe you can guess which one I'd choose.  The cell phone for sure.  I'm sure that I'm in a minority.  I used to go to the library to do my blogs when my huge big old computer died and I did just fine and I could do it again.  But what could replace my handy cell phone?  I'm not even a grocery aisle talker.  I just use it for everyday important stuff.

How about you?  Which would you choose?  It just occurred to me that the new smart phones probably do everything.  But would you still be willing to give up your personal computer?   

Monday, March 11, 2013

Top Of The Mornin' To You

I know that a lot of people don't celebrate St. Patrick's day.  I can understand that.  Some of the fun parties they have on this day are not for everybody.  And not everyone likes a parade.  I think the idea of celebrating somebody who was a missionary is a nice idea.  Most of all I just love all the green and the cute decorations that go with it.  I have an Irish lassie salt and pepper set that I put out and in one of my flea market excursions, I found a lovely lady dancer figurine that goes perfectly with them.  I put out all of the green things I could find around the house.

On top of this, I just love Ireland.  When I went to Europe, l went on the Eurail pass which started in Amsterdam. My friend could get away earlier and she went to Ireland without me, so I never got to see my dream place.

When I was a little girl, for some reason, our school did celebrate the holiday and we colored lots of pictures that were shamrocks, hats, and even a Patrick Potato poem and color picture.  So, very early, it was just inserted into my set of holidays I loved to acknowledge.

I'm planning on wearing my greet sweater on that day and my tiny shamrock earrings.  Hope you have a grand day whether you celebrate St. Patrick's day or not.

(The little picture on the right is from It's a Small World at the 1964 New York World's Fair.)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More From The Good News Gazette

I had a very good run on my list of  "daily good things that happen", so I thought I'd share them with you.  One can never have too much good news.  Right?

My husband had his operation for his hip (yes hip).  The knee thing was a mistake.  He came through very well and is progressing favorably.

I managed to avoid the big storm of last week by staying with my grandchildren and their family.  We had a great visit and I am so thankful for their hospitality.

There was no new snow the day I picked my husband up from the hospital and when I got home, a very kind neighbor had cleaned out my driveway.  (This was a true blessing because I would have been shoveling snow at 10:00 pm otherwise.)

My daughter and her family got a home of their own and got moved in.

My daughter-in-law was offered a very good new job in her field.

We have had sunshine for almost a week.  Sunshine always rates on my good list.

This all happened in a period of about 9 days.  Anything negative just fell through the cracks and was taken care of.  I do praise God for these and every other blessing.