Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009

Recently I was blessed to babysit a little boy from seven months to ten months of age. It was lots of fun for me as I haven't watched a baby since my own were little. The best part was when I put him down for a nap. I sat in the big rocking chair, got the pillow adjusted just so under my arm, and pulled the blanket snug around him. Then I started to sing. My voice is the type that music teachers used to hover near to hear who was flat. But let me tell you this. I sang. I watched him during the first few songs to see if he was asleep and then I just held hin close and focused on the song. I was in the zone. Time stood still. There was nothing except the baby, me and the beautiful melodies that some wonderful person composed for me to sing. I finally looked at him and he was getting near the place where I could lift him gently to his crib. Now was the time to go all out. I got my voice low and husky, I sang a song I knew would put him over ( usually Red River Valley), and there he was asleep. I lingered over him a bit more, well maybe one more song there by the bed, and I left humming all the way down the stairs. So sweet. So precious. An absolote wonder. Nancy

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