Saturday, July 17, 2010

Too Much Luxury?

I was just sitting, relaxing, being the first one of our wedding party to get my manicure and pedicure done. The door opened and a rather confused looking girl walked in off the street. "What sort of place is this?" she asked.

The desk lady said, "we do manicures and pedicures."

The woman still wore her perplexed face and said looking around, "what, you can't bend over and do your own nails?" She left.

The desk lady was shocked as were the rest of us. We certainly weren't expecting that. "That was the first time that has happened," she said.

It was funny to me because this was my first ever pedicure and only my second manicure. There was a pregnant woman next to me. I'm sure she appreciated the services.

I wonder what that woman was about. Does she go around to all establishments she feels are unnecessary and do her thing, or was this just a spontaneous bit of confusion at how far luxury has taken us?

For me, I had loads of fun. Our party took pictures, we visited, we got pampered. I don't get that too often. I know I prayed for that woman that she would have a good day. It may have been shocking, but she didn't spoil our fun.


  1. Poor girl. what was up with her?

    Glad your day was not ruined. I've only been a handful of times with girlfriends and the company made it fun. :O)

  2. Hi Nancy -

    Although I rarely get the opportunity, I love going for manicures. It always amazes me that my nails could look that good. :)


  3. I didn't hear that story. Strange, but funny. I, for one, work very hard and enjoy the treat every now and then!! :)

    I'm so glad we were all there together.

  4. I love pedicures! My daughter and I used to go for them all the time when she lived here in Florida with us. Since we wear sandels so much you really need them here.

  5. Looks like fun! Too bad the judgmental lady couldn't have kept her opinion to herself!