Monday, April 4, 2011

The Peace of the Harbor

I finally got two days at home where I didn't need to go anywhere. It felt wonderful taking a leisurely breakfast at about 9:30 and being able to actually finish my coffee. It was a treat not being in a hurry. I had a few jobs to do, but I enjoy most of that kind of thing. There was laundry and dishes to do. Then I picked up all of my March decorations and put out a few Easter things, but mostly flowers and fresh touches for spring. When I do this kind of thing, I'm in my creativity mode. It's one of my favorite places. As I was arranging my buffet, I couldn't get the look just right. I don't like things perfectly symmetrical, but I like the balanced look where one side is weighted in one way and the other in a different form. A quick prayer for inspiration and a cute idea came of putting a flower basket on top of the buffet. I'm not sure how that helped, but it did.

I finished visiting my blog friends and reworked my sweater chest which had gotten to be a mess during the winter. I did some emails for some missions and figured out some banking things.

When I was done, I still had some time in the day and I watched two of my favorite DVDs. I hadn't had a chance for that in a long time. And to top the day off, I started reading a good book that I had been wanting to read.

The next day I did similar activities. They sound boring to write about, but they were not boring to me. I almost never get bored and never at home. I can always think of something fun to do, even when I don't have huge entertainment options available.

Because these activities were so peaceful, I slept well both nights. It is just so great to have time to enjoy the place where you put so much time and money. I know that ships are built for the ocean and not to stay in the harbor, but I love it there. What about you? Would you rather be home or out on an adventure?


  1. I am with you all the way! I much prefer a relaxing day at home than being out and about doing anything else!

  2. Oh, I had a weekend just like yours! I needed it, too. To just do whatever is such a gift.

  3. Sounds like you had quite the relaxing weekend! Most of the time, I'd rather be home as long as I have something to do. If not, I'd rather be out finding something to do like hiking or kayaking. I just love to be outside.

  4. Hi Nancy -

    I like a mix of both. Staying home and working around the house is great, but I need to get outside and be with people. :)


  5. Wonderful to have peaceful days and restful nights. I love to watch movies too, but never seem to find enough time to commit. :O)

  6. I'm sitting at home right now watching Celebrity Apprentice and doing nothing. Okay, a LITTLE laundry but not much else. I think we need that kind of downtime sometimes!

  7. Stay at home is fine for me. Although an exciting backyard adventure with the grandkids is also fun.