Friday, June 3, 2011

Greeting Cards - What Do You Think?

How many trips have I made lately to the little boutique in Romeo for greeting cards? It seems never ending. I enjoy very much sending birthday cards, anniversary cards and the like to my family and friends. There is an increasing number of "thinking of you" cards that need to be sent lately. And don't forget Mother's Day and Father's Day. The list seems to go on and on. Usually I stop in at my favorite little store on Sunday after church. This place has cards that are so unique. They are embossed and have such lovely old fashioned graphics. Many of the envelopes have cutouts which resemble battenburg lace. The funny thing is, they are about 1/3 cheaper than the ones at a regular discount chain store.

This card buying has been going on for a long time. When people open a gift, do they notice the card? Do they appreciate it or is it just extra. I certainly think that a card in the mail is special. With all of the bills and bad news, a joyful or pretty card sure makes me smile.

My husband always gets me a goofy card. I always get him a sincere one. I think we need to change it up and do the opposite. We give the cards we want to get. I'm going away soon and I had to think ahead and plan all of the occasions I needed and get the cards. I will have to send some of them early.

What about you? Do you like buying and sending cards? Do you like having them or do you feel they are a waste of money. (Some are as much as $5.00 or more now.) Do you save them and if you do, for how long?
Just thought I'd ask.


  1. They are nice but I am not very good about sending them! Tammy does a pretty good job though.

    As far as keeping them, I keep the ones from Tammy and the kids but I don't keep any others. I always have a pang of guilt though, as I drop one in the trash!

  2. Well, I usually don't give a card or I do a cheap card if I'm giving a gift with it. But I absolutely love a thoughtful little card or note in the mail!

  3. I love getting cards and notes in the mail. There's a half-price card store a short distance from my home, making sending cards affordable. I also purchase boxed cards to have on hand when I'm pressed for time.

  4. My wife is a big time card giver. I only buy 3 a year. Our anniversary, valentines day and her birthday.... if I remember.

  5. I like to buy special cards for each person. I know it means a lot to me to get a card someone thought about.


  6. Yup! I'm a card sender all right. And I keep the ones that make me laugh on a bulletin board right above my computer. They give me a lift every time my eyes fall on them. :o)