Friday, December 16, 2011

Remembering Birthdays

Do you have trouble remembering birthdays? Are you always sighing as you buy yet another belated card? I have a system that I hope can help you. Even if you are not delinquent, you may get a good tip. About this time of year, we throw away our used calendars. Take that back blank page and rip it off. You are going to make good use of this. (Cut off the spiral holes. You don't want to mess with that.) Go through your calendar and note on scrap paper any birthdays, anniversaries, or yearly occasions to remember. Look in your address book for more. If you don't have these, sit and see how many you can do from memory and write them down.

Now you are going go put these in order by months. When your list is right, transfer it to your calendar page. Leave spaces so you can add others that come along. You have a good starter list. Put these dates on your new calendar. I even put the birth date of young children from my address book so I can subtract and get a card with a big "2" or "5" or "8". Here's another trick. I put the date a bit ahead and write "get card" and "send card" about two or three days before the big day so they will be on time. If this sounds a bit much, remember that this can be a ministry and people love to be remembered.

Keep your list handy so you can add a name when someone happens to mention their birthday. They will say, "How did you know?" Be sure to look at your calendar often. It doesn't do any good to have this material on the wall if you don't look at it. This all takes time, but I think it is worth it.
New years is a good time to get deals on stationary. You may find some cute boxed assortments. They are much nicer than they used to be. Well, have a great week and enjoy every little thing God has given us at this wonderful season. Nancy


  1. That's good advice. I always think I have a birthday in the back of my mind then all of a sudden I look at the date and say, "Oh, no! I missed it!"

  2. My problem is maintaining these systems. I start off well, but they fizzle out. Putting the birthday guy/gal's name on my to-do list works best for me.

    Susan :)