Friday, July 27, 2012

The Summertime Seven

Since we are about in the middle of the summer, I have been thinking of all of the reasons why I love the good old summertime.

1. First,I guess, is the weather.  We have been having highs of 80s here lately.  That is a bit warm for me, but I can always go into the nice, cool, air-conditioning somewhere and cool off.  After any Michigan winter, even our last mild one, I love to be warm.  It feels great.

2. Another thing I love is my garden.  I try to grow flowers, though I don't have a green thumb.  This year I put in perennials and they have been thriving.  Such pretty pastel colors and a white one that is supposed to look like butterflies. It spreads wide and is so airy and so like a fairy.  My husband has been growing the sweetest tomatoes, of which, we have had just a taste so far.

3. Then there is the music.  I told you about the "Beatles" performance.  We went back and heard a top 40s artist who was very good, too.  There is nothing quite like music in the park of a summer's evening.

4. I have been eating ice-cream.  During the rest of the year, I'd rather spend my sweets calories on cake, soft cookies, pies, or great candy.  But in the summer, I love to let it melt a bit and just enjoy how absolutely creamy it is.

5. I'd say I love the beach or swimming, but I don't live near either.  When we do go on the road, we are too busy to do the evening pool thing.  Perhaps there is yet a beach this season.  I love to walk along and let the water wash over my feet and look for shells or anything neat nature might bring up.  In pools, I love to lie back and float across from one side to the other and look at the rafters.

6. Corn on the cob is coming up in August.  Need I say more?

7. Lastly, I love to have a bit of extra time.  I can catch up on making my cards.  I made another collage.  And I like to sit in my little room and, since I haven't found a retreat to go on, just sit in God's presence, pray, sing, or read over my scriptures and notes.  He always meets me there.

Hurray for summer!  What do you love most?


  1. Hi Nancy -

    1) I love the freedom from boots, coats, and heating oil bills!

    2) The ability to walk on a sidewalk or jump in a car without dodging ice or shoveling snow makes me rejoice.

    3) The colors of summer energize me.

    Susan :)

  2. I would like to adopt YOUR 7 :) And I hope there is a beach left somewhere in my summer, too. I have had my lake day (just no beach) at a cottage with girlfriends. We have done this for several years and I look forward to it....Fresh tomatoes, for sure! I COULD do w/o the heat we've had. I haven't been out in the ;yard nearly as much. Oh, and I like the don't-have-to-shovel-snow part.

  3. I love the flowers too! My house always looks its prettiest outside and inside in the summer. And I love the beach. We live about 5 blocks away. And a few of our neighbors have boats so I do enjoy taking some dinner cruises with them. :)

  4. Glad you are enjoying your summer! Love the pics of your granddaughter; she's adorable! :)

  5. Thanks Karen, this is my first long distance grandma thing and I miss her.

  6. You need to road trip to Lake Michigan! There's some terrific beach there. :o)

    I was just sharing with my son how much I love our lack of routine in the summer. I know routine serves a purpose, but it's so awesome to have a break from it. No nagging to get homework done. Just sunshine and goofing off!