Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Small Pleasure

Today, I'd like to talk about containers.  I love them, all kinds.  I love cute little cubby holes in chests of drawers.  I love decorated tins, especially those with hinged lids.  I have an old Sucrets lozenges tin where I keep my bobby pins.  My mother kept hers in one like that.  I have one of the same shape from a tea company with a gorgeous picture on the front.  That is handy to transport tea bags so they don't get crushed.  These are so fetching that I have to be careful not to buy something I don't need, just because it comes in an adorable package.  The first luxury feature I look for in a car, after self-locking doors, is plenty of cubbys for my sunglasses, C.D.s and small umbrella.

Yesterday at the preschool my grandsons are going to, there was a white wooden box that looked like a building.  It had pictures of the Thomas trains painted on the front.  On top was a flat wrapped cushion that fit perfectly as a lid.  A lid and a seat.  Love it.  When my son was three, my dad made him a toy chest that looked like a circus car.  Instead of the curliques that could have gone on top, I asked for a covered seat/lid.  That worked great.

My grandsons love the container idea, too.  Their trikes have "trunks" and into them they put stones, small action figures, toy salt and pepper shakers, and whatever else they find.  Ty took out his loot yesterday and said, "see my treasures."  They love bags, boxes, lunch kits, cookie tubes, dump trucks and anything else they can put stuff in and dump it out.

Anything useful that has a  small drawer is improved 100% in my view.  I love piano benches, where you may find some enticing piece of old music.

Anyone remember Eeyore and his birthday jar?  He had a burst balloon which he kept taking out of the jar and putting it back in.  He was so happy.  Some days I am like the boys with my treasures and I just take them out of their keepers and show them off.  Sometimes I'm like the donkey and I just quietly enjoy the whole concept. 


  1. My oldest granddaughter has a "thing" for little containers, too. I think it goes along with being a creative soul.

    Happy Weekend,

  2. I love containers, too. I am always on the lookout for unusual vintage ones :)

  3. Cookie tins! Baskets! Mugs that double as pen/pencil holders! Get the idea I'm a container person? :)

  4. I love containers too! I used to collect baskets, but that has slowed down in recent years. I have a good handful of tins - mostly with the Hershey Chocolate logo on them. It's sentimental, my grandparents lived not far from Hershey, PA and we visited there often when I was young. :)

  5. I agree with you! I love cute things with places to store items--especially cool backpacks:))

  6. Tins (and wooden boxes with lids)... Now you're talking MY "language"!

  7. I like containers as well. I like everything to have a place. I'm particularly dangerous in office supply stores.