Friday, December 18, 2009


When I get to this time in the Christmas holiday season, I just want to be done. I know I can't have all my work done. There is the daily work like cleaning, laundry, dishes, babysitting, and blogging - things like that. I just want all the extra Christmasy stuff to be over. My shopping is done, the presents wrapped, the cards sent. I usually have holiday baking, but with my daughter a diabetic, it just seems silly to do that. So on the twenty fourth, I'm making an almost sugar -free pudding, Vanilla Wafer torte instead.

It probably seems selfish to be this way. And when I worked full time, I had to do "my thing" the week after Christmas which I had off from the kiddies at school. Now I can do it ahead of time and I will. It's just listening to Christmas music, looking at the lights, spending more time than usual with my Bible and readings, and just enjoying my immediate family and helping them since my things are basically done.

This time is so sweet - this pre and even after Christmas time. I just love to linger. One thing I hope is that I will be able to carry the spirit of Christmas with me every day of the New Year. Just like old Ebeneezer Scrooge and George Bailey. Which reminds me. I haven't watched my favorite Christmas movie yet. (Guess which one) See you soon. Love, Nancy


  1. Yes. I love to slow down and enjoy quiet time with the Christmas tree lights, a cup of tea, and my Bible. Thanks for the reminder!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm trying to finish everything up today so that I have all next week to just enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. Enjoy your down time!

  3. I think a lot of people are "done" with it all by this time. When the holiday season keeps starting earlier and earlier it's hard to get the enthusiasm going this long. :O)

  4. I hope I keep the spirit throughout the year too. What a great way to put it! I still need to wrap my stuff....

  5. I love the time between having most things done and Christmas, and I enjoy the after Christmas when the kids are content playing with their toys and I get to just do things.

    I plan to linger a little today in the spirit.

    Merry Christmas, Nancy!