Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Still Small Voice

Read I Kings l9: 1-12

"...and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice." I Kings l9:12 NKJ

I was hungry for the Lord. I had missed church because of a family emergency a while back. When I miss the Lord, it seems like I try to fill my mind with nonsense or I get busy with daily tasks until I can find my way back to Him. So during the week, I was looking through an envelope of coupons that came in the mail.

You know when you're really hungry you want meat and potatoes? You don't want cake and ice cream. That's how it was. Each coupon was something I didn't need. It all looked so cheep.

Then I spied it. On one side of a page there was a children's sponsorship program and a scripture of how God loves the little children. It touched me deeply. There among the worldly advertisements was something of eternal value. It greatly encouraged me. God can interject Himself into the midst of the world and its ideas.

With that little heart tug, I was on my way back.

Prayer: O God, help us to hear your voice amid all the clamor of this busy season of life and turn to you. Amen.

You know, God yearns to meet with us. Will we notice when He speaks?


  1. I need HIM more and more each day.

  2. That is so cool! He does speak softly, sometimes. I hope I hear him today. Will try and listen for him. ;-)

  3. That is the trick for most of us. We pray, but forget to take time to stop & listen...
    Have a blessed week!

  4. Love this. I really needed to read this. We must ignore the busyness of the season and listen for Him over the noise.

  5. Beautifully put. He is in the small things and He pulls us back without question. :O)

    Thanks for seeing me at my new blog home www.dianeestrella.com

  6. Very nice! He does speak softly sometimes and I pray that I always hear His call:)

  7. I will try posting again--the last own wouldn't go!I love this post--it is so true:)

  8. Terri- I have trouble with that sometimes,too. Thanks for trying again.

  9. Yes, the world is full of "candies" for the soul, but Jesus is the real meat and potatoes we need. May we all hear His whisper today.

    Thanks for this lovely post, Nancy.

    Audience of ONE

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