Friday, February 5, 2010

Faulty Logic

Have you ever thought one scenario was playing out one way and it looked like disaster and you couldn't imagine any good outlook at all? After all, doesn't A lead to B and added together get C?

I have to tell you that I always thought I had good logic. I was at that family camp I talk about, CFO. It was day one. Every year I would run into strong spiritual opposition because I was going to praise God and learn new lessons and get a fresh start. So on this day, I remembered some bugs that were on the counter and one or two on the floor when I left. Suddenly they came into my head and I was sure we had termites. Hadn't I heard funny noises near the outside wall of our bedroom? I even called my husband to see if he noticed anything. I couldn't get through and we didn't have a message system then. I truly got myself worked up. A friend came to my room and I described my bugs. She said they sounded like earwigs, not great, but not house destroyers either. The rest of the week was fine.

Another time I was alone with the children at a day care center and I saw what I was sure was impetigo on a child's face. I'd seen it before. I mentioned it to her father. He took her to the doctor and found it was a booger on her face. How embarrassed was I next day?

One last story. I was sure my baby grandson had a sty on his eye. Oh, no and I had touched his face and I was facing eye surgery next day. Oh, no. Later, the "sty" was on top of his eye and not on the bottom. Oops. End of my playing doctor.

I give you these silly stories because the Lord actually whispered to me on the last one, it's not what you think. Many times I am so worried. I am sure I have all the facts. Only God has all the facts. Next time I think I have A and B so that must equal C, I'm going to go straight to Him and ask for the whole story. I should even take what I don't know on faith and be trusting until the thing plays out, one way or another.


  1. My husband has to remind me over and over again that many things we worry about NEVER happen. He says, "Leave it with the LORD and do NOT waste your time on worry." Wise words, but hard to live by sometimes.
    Hugs, andrea

  2. This is a great post! I'm so guilty of thinking the worst. I'll remember to stop and pray from now on.

  3. Nancy,
    You made me smile and feel really good with this post cause I am so like you! I always think something might be worse than it is and talk myself into believing it! I guess we are human and do need to pray more!

  4. That is a good word & you made me laugh about the "bugar" deal. Have a blessed weekend!

  5. Hi Nancy -

    Thanks for your transparency. One time I was sure I had a lump where we don't want any lumps. When I mustered up the courage to ask the doctor, she informed me it was a bone.

    Susan :)

  6. Nancy:

    I love you for your candor. Thanks for sharing with us, to make us feel not so alone in our faulty logic.

    I've discovered that men and women operate from different logic systems. Imagine that! LOL.

    Love you
    Audience of ONE