Friday, February 19, 2010


This lesson is about the feeding of the five thousand. It's found in all four gospels.
Jesus and the disciples went to a deserted place (Luke: 9:10). In verse 11, Jesus received the multitudes. When the people were hungry, the disciples wanted the people to go and get their own food. But Jesus said, "you give them something." You may not think you have a lot to give, but He says, give it.

The disciples were thinking logically. Unless we go and buy food, they won't have any, but that's too expensive and each would have only a taste. Jesus says, don't do the logical. Do the impossible. Really, just give - offer what you have.

In verse 14, they sat in groups. Jesus is making order out of chaos. With 5,000 men plus women and possibly 4 children, there could have been more than 20,000 people.

In verse 16, Jesus blessed the food. This is Jesus' job. Only He can do it. The disciples passed it out. They gave it away. God multiplies, not according to man's measure, but Gods.

Verse 17, the people were filled. Something you have can satisfy others. Twelve baskets of fragments were left and taken up. These were not wasted. When God multiplies, there will be fragments left (for more blessing.)

Lessons: 1. Jesus is never too busy for the multitudes. He is never too busy for you.
2. Jesus multiplies what you give. He blessed it and multiplied it. You distribute it.
3. Give Him something to multiply. What you have.
4. What do you have to give? (patience, kindness, a smile, a prayer, your heart.)
5. Jesus did more with less. With the 4,000 (the other story,) there were 7 loaves and 7 baskets left
but, with the 5,000, there were 5 loaves and 12 baskets left. The principle is to
give what you have. Don't withhold what you can give.

Now I want to talk about the fragments. You don't know what happened to those fragments. all we know is that Jesus wanted them saved for later use and they were too valuable to be wasted.
I was thinking of a talent my daughter has. She is super good at all things sports. She graduated with a business degree in sports management. Partly because of the economy, she is not able to use that gift yet. But God spoke to me that this is her fragment. It is too valuable to be left on the ground. He will yet use it to "feed" others. I have fragments too. I want to speak, write more, get into worship dance. He is saving those fragments for me and someday they will feed others. I'm sure, because my God loves details. What fragments of yours would you like to see being used in the Kingdom to nourish others? I have faith that they will not be wasted.


  1. Your posts are always so beautiful and thought provoking.

  2. Thank you...thank you...thank you for your sweet encouraging comment on arise 2 write. You will NEVER know how timely your words about my blog/posts were...the enemy has been on the prowl and GOD used you to remind me to keep my focus on HIM and keep doing it this way...the way HE has called me to do it.

  3. Andrea - So glad if I can help you in any way. I love how the bloggers all encourage one another. God must be smiling.

  4. Ok, Nancy, I am just LOVING this today! Just yesterday my bible study homework was all of this broken down out of Luke w/ the 5 loaves, 2 fish... and God spoke to my heart to see fresh truths in it to apply to my life & situations in it. I was even sharing it w/ my hubby this morning over coffee, talking about it again at lunch & now I come here & God puts the period on the end of the sentence of this thought for the day w/ your post! Love it when God does His thing in our blogginess! Have a blessed weekend & thanks for the timely word friend!

  5. Wow Nancy! I'm not sure I've ever seen it broken down like this.
    Just ... wow.

    I'm not sure what fragments I have. Guess first I need to figure out what I've been giving him to use. ;-) Thanks for this wonderful post!

  6. Wylie = It is one of my greatest joys when God puts things together like this for us. And I wanted to do it Tues. but didn't have it quite ready yet. His timing is always part of the miracle.

    Jessica - Thanks for your encouraging comment. I wrote this for girls in a prison facility a number of years ago and God gave me the update just this week.

  7. Oh, what fragments indeed. Waiting on the Lord now. Just waiting for Him to direct and speak. Letting my fragments sit while He works.

    Love to you!

  8. i always enjoy a fresh word. everyone wonders what happened to the fragments, but when i read your post, it spoke to me: it's His business. He doesn't let everyone in on His why, where and whens.

  9. Hi Nancy -

    Great devotional! Fragments can be something used for a specific purpose during a particular season.

    In my life signing is one of those fragments. After many years of dormancy, I'm again teaching a worship team.

    Susan :)

  10. Susan - I'm so glad you're returning to something you love. I hope that happens to me too.

  11. Nancy:

    This is so great; you have the best insights!