Friday, March 19, 2010

How to Get it Nailed Down

I guess I'll tell you about the speech I did on Wed. It was so great to speak again. It was a step in the direction I would like to be going - helping adults, mostly younger ladies, learn some things I've learned through much difficult trial and error. I can do this through my blog, through my little booklets of "letters from God," and from speaking. This teaching was on studying and receiving the promises.

How To Use The Word You Hear
I. In the Bible. I showed how I underline and put notes at the top of my Bible. Not only can I find things, but it is a way to reinforce the fact I am getting, so I remember it.
II. I do studies, from large, to medium, to small, to smallest. Read and study the material, underline in pen, next time in yellow marker, next time in pink or blue (because it's darker.) Lastly, put the best of the best on cards. Then you will need a...
III. Card Box. You can use the metal ones used for recipes (mine used to have a lobster on it) or use a cardboard accordion one. My categories are: healing, my husband, my 3 children, family, prophecy, my ministry, the nation, general, and misc.
IV. Take notes. Even if you get sermon tapes at your church, take notes Sun. to get the 2 or 3 special features that apply to you. Take them home, put them on cards, underline them.
V. Prophecies. If you are at a church that believes in this and you get one prayed over you, write it down. It is special for you.
VI. You can take a tape and play it and write it down (this takes time, but is worth it,) or you can speak your favorite scriptures into a tape recorder. Listen to it, and next time, speak it out with the recorder.
VII. Get one idea a day from Scripture. Write it down. Memorize it, work it out, use it.
VIII. Make the stuff you read and hear your own. When you hear a challenge to it, use the Bible. Ask God to help you find truth. Be like the Bereans - Acts 17:11.
IX. Read the whole Bible some time in your life.
X. God will bring all of these studies together. Now speak it out. Read your cards out loud. Use them as part of your prayer time.
XI. It's fine to throw things out. You will have a huge paper trail. Keep the precious Scriptures, get rid of things you are done with. God will help you to do this. It's all in the Bible and He can give you fresh manna.
XII. You can even take quotes from favorite inspirational fiction.
Conclusion. To keep what you read and hear, get it from the material to your mind, then the long distance from your mind to your heart, then speak it out and live it out. Then the promises and changes will come.
(I didn't include my examples or Scriptures because of the space limitations, but I hope you enjoyed and can use ideas in the outline.)


  1. Wow, great ideas, Nancy! Wish I would have been there to hear it in person.

    Happy Weekend,

  2. Some very good advice and in regard to point #9 I would offer:

    IX A -- and when you finish, read it again.

    I like to read a different translation each time for comparison.
    Right now my wife and I are going through the Traditional King James that is on a DVD with text and narration. My wife finished the NIV version a couple years ago (English is her second language).

  3. Lee - thanks for stopping by. I have already checked out your blog. Interesting.

  4. yes, my Bible is so written in with notes and meaning of words, it's sometimes a challenge to read! lol. but it helps me remember and learn. Paul told Timothy to STUDY the Word. reading alone is not studying.

    great post!

  5. I'm glad you were able to do something you love and shared as you did:) I know you blessed them so much! And this year I have been reading the Bible all the way through!

  6. Terri - that will bless you so much. Enjoy it. I'm doing Isaiah and Hebrews right now. Love it.

  7. Wow, what a great blog! Glad I saw your post at a friend's place and visited!

    I am reading Oswald Chambers' discussion of Lamentations along with the book. Wow.

    Hope you can stop by my place when you have time.

  8. How wonderful to be doing what you love! And I love your tips too:)

  9. Patti - I love to read Oswald Chambers, too. There are some heavy umderlinings and stars in his book.

    Kara - thanks. Hope your situation is improved. I've been thinking about you.