Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Many people have lots and lots of cousins. It turns out, I have only six first cousins and they are all in the same family. My sisters and I, here with me in Hawaiian garb, surprised our aunt on her 90Th birthday. What a nice party it was. It has been 15 years since I had seen all of the group together. We played a bingo game where you have to walk around and ask people questions to win. I didn't do very well because I was more interested in getting pictures of all of the relatives than winning. My sister Ellen, in the middle, won a prize. She really moved around.
Just about everyone was dressed for the occasion. And oh, the food was so good. There was dancing too, but I am married to a non-dancer. No matter, the fun was in catching up with all of the stories. How interesting it was to see the changes time has made, and notice the things that never change. Hope you get to visit some relatives soon. It's sort of like going home.


  1. Great picture! Love all the bright color :O)

  2. Oh, I love those bright outfits! You three look so happy to be together. I'm glad you got to do this, Nancy.

    I married a non-dancer, too. He's a keeper, but I sure wish I could talk him into the square dance when we go ranching in August. He's not hearing it. But I know he'll be dancing in Heaven!!


  3. Hi Nancy -

    Great outfits! In my family, when the ladies didn't have a dance partner, they'd do folk or line dances.

    How I wish we could get together with our family. We're scattered all over the country. The last time we got together was for my Uncle and Aunt's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

    Susan :)

  4. You all look great together! I have fifty cousins but they all live far away!