Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are You Ready?

On my last post I listed some of the famous people I have seen in my day. One I had lunch with was Stephen Strang, editor of Charisma Magazine. It all happened like this:

My daughter was a teenager then and I was distressed about the sorry state of magazines for girls. There were Christian magazines, but nothing godly about fashion, room decoration, girl chat and things that were on their minds, but not necessarily devotion oriented. So I made a magazine proposal. I got great quotes to start us off, I had an artist lined up, I had ideas on how to do what the prominent magazines were doing, only in a proper way.

Here is what I mainly want to talk about in this blog. It was the way everything came together for that time period I was working. I got things from church bulletins, from friends, in the mail. It was as if the Lord were dousing me with excitement and ideas. Here is another great part of it. All of my interests were pulled into one place. Oh, the joy. Fashion, girls issues, decorating, crafts, art writing, social issues - I could do them all.

One day I told an acquaintance about my idea. I had no clue how to do a magazine. She had a group of ladies and said I could present it to her group. I did. It was the most fun and rewarding thing I have ever done. I felt like I was truly alive.

This friend said there was a women's conference in Florida coming up and we should go. Somehow we made it at a great price and with almost no planning in between. The two of us prayed to meet Stephen Strang who was speaking. By some grace I met him and he invited me to sit with him. That was a brave thing for me to do, to go up to this famous person, but I believed God was with us and we had our interview.

Now here is where I may lose some of you. He said most magazines were on Internet then and I should try that. I had even less clue about the Internet than how to start a magazine. Somehow my proposal got lost and other than great regrets, that's the end of the story.

But wait, I have an application. In Jane Eyre, there is a minor character named Saint John. He tells Jane that at last all the things he has done, all he has lived for are coming together for one great purpose - that he can be a good missionary.

I feel like the magazine proposal was not so much the thing in itself, from God's point of view, but that I would remember what if felt like for all of my life to come together for some great purpose. I feel like that now. I don't know what it is. I only know that when it happens, God moves his creation around to help me to do the thing he has purposed. I am very excited. I am moving towards some flow doing the things I know He has shown me were for me.

I believe many of you, too, are heading for a great purpose. My prayer is that you will know the exquisite joy of everything meeting you and falling into place. If that isn't realistic, at least you will know that you are headed for the stars.


  1. We are all a part of His greater purpose, playing our happy roles. :O)

  2. i was disappointed at first that he didn't jump on the magazine idea, but you're right, the experience alone was worth a lot.

    you've encouraged me tonight.

    we're in a *wait on the Lord* pattern and have been since this past March, but we're still headed toward something! :)

  3. Janean - You're headed toward something good, I'm sure. It's coming.

  4. I think it is nice that he sat down with you to talk about it:) that in itself is cool!