Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting Out The Wools

One thing I do look forward to at this time of year is getting out all of the cold weather clothes. I have several nice wool jackets and a few plaid skirts.. These are my delight no matter whether plaid is in or out. I guess there's a little bit of "school girl uniform" in me even though I never went to a private school. I just love that look. I can still wear my favorite long red plaid kilt, a white blouse, black wool jacket, and some pin and feel as preppy as the next person.

I can also wear my blown cloche hat, my biased cut brown and maroon skirt, my maroon sweater with the cuffs, long beads, and be a flapper.

Another look I like is my leopard corduroy skirt and my black wool lady sweater. I always wear gold jewelry with that and feel so elegant - in an exciting way.

Then there is that cute plaid box pleat skirt I wear for Christmas with my red blouse and a Christmas pin. These things all fit me so well and that is part of the reason I love them . While I adore a crisp summer dress, it rarely fits so well.

Before I sign off, I'd like to sing the praises of wool material. I prefer wool coats since they make me look as skinny as possible while I'm staying toasty warm. I can't resist a pea coat. I never could. My dad was in the Navy after all. And there is just something about how a wool jacket or skirt hangs on you. It just makes me feel like quality, something I don't get to feel often on my budget. Since wool lasts forever, I can wear the pieces for years. I don't tire of them.

So there's my excitement for the next few months. I will be making up outfits out of these basics and having fun with that. I know, I need a life, but I have always enjoyed fashion. I think that is part of what keeps me young. Have a great weekend. Nancy


  1. Your wardrobe sounds like fun and lots of options to play around with. I can't wear wool cuz it makes me itchy. Oh well.... :O)

  2. I'm not fond of wool, but do have a few pieces. My favorite winter apparel are the fleece sheets on our bed! Yummy...

  3. Although, I abhor winter, I do prefer the clothing for the season over all others. But, unlike you, I do not like wool. It makes me all itchy.

  4. Hi Nancy -

    You're totally in style this year. Mom and I commented on all the wool, plaid skirts we're seeing in the stores.

    I always enjoyed plaids, but only have a jacket at this point. I do have a solid wool jacket and skirt.

    Susan :)

  5. It sounds like you have all the basics. It will only take a few accessories to bring it all into the "now." I enjoy switching out my closets from spring/summer to fall/winter clothes too. I'm very trendy and can never have enough clothes. Looks like I've come across a girl after my own heart. God bless, Dr. Bobbi

  6. Dr. Bobbi - Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed your reply and visited one of your blogs.

  7. Winter clothes are just more comfortable in general to me. I love being able to hide comfy pants under long tunics and wear them to work!