Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here It Comes

Yesterday, I heard the "S" word on the radio. In Michigan that can only mean one thing. Snow is on the way. Now I loved snow when I was a little girl. I couldn't wait to get on my snowsuit and gear, take my sled, and head out into the white vastness. I loved making snowballs and breaking off icicles and putting them on my sled. Even then, I was a collector.

As I got older and still didn't drive, I enjoyed the beauty of clean snow and hated the dirty mush. Once I started driving, I pretty much hated snow. I realize it isn't the stuff itself. No, what I dislike is the idea of slipping across lines on the road, sliding up to a traffic light, or something worse. I have been blessed and mostly I have just experienced the sliding effect. It frightens me and I do have concern for others. I drive slowly and carefully. But some surfaces are just slick.

Once the first snowfall has landed and been cleared up, I feel better. Now we are in it and I just have to realize that is the norm for my state. At times, I can even watch those porcupine quill-like flakes hit my windshield and sigh at the beauty and excitement. But not most of the time.

Proverbs 31:21 says: "She is not afraid of snow for her household..." That's in the section on the model wife/mother. I realize it is wrong to worry or be afraid. The Lord has been with me all of these years and He promises He will never leave me. That's a comfort.

Right now I guess I better put out those snowflake napkins I bought and get out my little silver snowflake earrings. It's coming whether I want it or not. And haven't we in Michigan had an exceptionally lovely fall so far? I am very thankful.


  1. My wife loves the snow but hates the cold. She wants a foot of snow and 80 degrees! :) For the last three years she has had to drive our kids back and forth to school which is 25 minutes each way! She held her breath each time it started snowing during the morning worrying that the roads would get too bad for her to get to the school to pick them up in the afternoon. Fortunately, this year we have switched them to a different school that is a little farther away but there are enough students in our area that they offer bus service to us. Now they ride with me in the mornings to the church parking lot that serves as a bus stop and then I continue on to work. She only has to worry about the four blocks to the church in the afternoons, she is breathing much easier!

  2. I like snow only once a year: on Christmas Eve. Then I like the sun to come out and warm us the rest of the year. I am a wimpy California girl.

    Be safe, honey!

  3. I love the snow when I don't have to leave the house. Last winter we had tons of snow for us, and I was so glad I was homeschooling and didn't have to drive in it. It was fun to just play and sit by the fire:)

  4. I love the snow, too, and am ready to get out all those beautiful sweaters and wool socks. You can ask me again in March how I feel! :)

  5. Rebekah - I love your new blog picture. So cute.

  6. Hi Nancy -

    I went to a Bible School in the snowbelt. A week before I arrived, it snowed 36". I didn't think anything could top that, but my current state did with several major snowfalls in a short period of time.

    I hope we have an easier year. Digging my car out is my least favorite chore.

    Susan :)

  7. Although snow is beautiful, I don't look forward to it. I'm hoping we still have a couple of weeks of fall left around here.