Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorating The Tree X Three

I was so excited to decorate after Thanksgiving. The tree with its lights is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love to sit in the evening with all the lights off except the tree and just enjoy its beauty. I may put on Christmas music, or just sit and think - one of my favorite pastimes. It helps keep me relaxed and all pulled together.

So I hauled my big bags of artificial tree from the shed, well my husband did. Then I got to work and dug in. Putting on the lights is my least favorite part because I wrap each limb and that takes time and because dividing a triangle tree into thirds for the lights and garlands is difficult. Well I got it all done, lights, garlands, beads and I hear, "crack, crunch." My tree fell over just after I got a few ornaments on. I caught it so there was no breakage, except for that old tree stand.

My faithful husband came from his "man cave" and taped it back together for me, after telling me I had to take all of the lights off so he could fix it. No problem, "grrrrr."

Now any other year, I would have been in a fit at the prospect of doing the lights over. But this year, many things have taught me a bit of patience and perspective, thank you, Jesus.

After doing the tree again and putting on a few ornaments, the whole thing crashed again at my feet. My husband comes in and says if I take it all down, he can fix up something. So after he fixes up a very large flower pot with wet pea gravel and sticking the pole their in, I decorate the tree for the third time. I used my head though. I tied the tree to the bookcase.

No sooner did I get the lights on, than over went the pole and the wet pea gravel dumped on my floor. I was done decorating for the day.

In the evening, my husband asked if I was willing to do the tree one more time. (I neglected to tell you that putting the tree up three times meant sticking all of the branches in one by one on all 7 rounds of the tree and taking them off.) He thought he could get a real tree holder and use it to screw around the stem of the tree. I actually said fine, because in spite of all the work, I loved that tree. We had used it many years in our family. Then he said, "Or, I can get you a new artificial tree tomorrow."

And that is how I got my gorgeous, skinny branched so you can see the ornaments, pre-lit, all in three easy pieces, new Christmas tree. I love it. It was all worth it. It is the prettiest tree I have ever seen.

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm going in for my evaluation. Thank all of you for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated and help me to know that I have loving support behind me. Remember, I pray for all of you on a regular basis and consider it a privilege to do so. You are the best. Nancy


  1. Two words for you: pre-lit tree. The biggest pain we have is just figuring out where to plug what in!

  2. We put our tree up Sunday evening. I asked my wife, "How many years has it been that we said we were going to get a new tree during the after Christmas sales?" She said it had been 3 or 4 years but we are still using the same old tree we got about 10 years ago. Well, there is still some money left from the Christmas club so she stashed it away and next year we will have a new tree to put up! Provided of course the stores don't all sell completely out of them before Christmas this year! :)

    My wife loves the the lights on the tree and like you said, she turns all the other lights off and we cuddle on the couch and enjoy it! Christmas is a wonderful time, isn't it?

    I'll be praying for you tomorrow!

  3. The tree story would have me in tears. God is teaching you patience I think. Still praying and believing. Hugs to you sweet gal! :O)

  4. I also love to sit with all the lights off except for the tree. I'm still praying for you Nancy. God Bless and please keep us posted.

  5. You have so much patience! I would have thrown that tree out after one try!! We got pre-lit last year and love it!!!
    Please let us know how you do, Nancy, ok? Prayingn for you.

  6. Oh, photos please, so we can ooh and ahhh at all your work! So sorry you had to do this umpteen times!!

    Praying for a good report, honey.


  7. I need to get our tree up before my wife shots me :-)

    God bless you


  8. I'm so glad you love your new tree--and I would have lit the thing on fire after the first topple--you're a saint! My prayers are with you this week.