Friday, December 10, 2010

Songs Of Christmas

Another part of Christmas that I love is the music. I will sing along, even though my voice is not what it could be. Of the secular songs, my favorite is Sleigh Ride. I also love Winter Wonderland and The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (as sung by Andy Williams.)

There is another pretty song called "At Christmas," by the group Hanson (the group that did "Um Bop" a few years ago. It is one they wrote themselves and is all about family, gathering together, and the real meaning of Christmas.

I love the carols the best. My favorite is O Come O Come Emmanuel. Then I love Joy To The World, O Holy Night, and What Child Is This.

There are some lines in these songs, usually down in the extra verses, that just thrill me:
In Joy To The World, a line says, "He comes to make His blessings flow, far as the curse is found.
In O Come All Ye Faithful, a line says, "Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing."
And in Hark The Herald Angels Sing, we get "Come Desire of nations, come, fix in us thy humble home.

So this wonderful season, let the rich words and the music fill your heart with joy.

*My medical appointment didn't go exactly the way I had hoped it would. There was an afternoon session where your prayers truly helped. I'm so glad you were there for me. It turns out that I have to have surgery and a medical surgical test connected with it. The date for surgery is Thursday, Dec. 16th. After that, I may tell details. Right now I just want to be more general. I'm getting wonderful scriptures and I know God is with me.

*The tree picture is for Jeanette and anyone else who wanted to see "the most beautiful tree ever." Well to me it is.


  1. I've been thinking about you all week, Nancy. I'm sorry the appointment didn't go as you hoped. I will continue to pray for you.

  2. Any prayers would be appreciated.

  3. Hi Nancy -

    Praying for you, my friend.

    One of my favorite Christmas songs is, "Mary, Did You Know." I like the version by Mark Lowrey.


  4. I also love Mark Lowrey's Mary Did You Know, I got to see him perform it live about 12 years ago, it was great!

    I love the classic Christmas Carols but only if they are maintained in their original form. There is nothing I hate more than to hear some new group murdering a great Christmas song by "remixing" it! I grew up with a Perry Como record that had a lot of great carols on it. I still love listening to them. Give me Perry, or Bing Crosby, or any of those old timers any day over these new groups!

    We will continue to pray for you! Have faith and nothing will be impossible!

  5. Nancy - may i post a request for you on my prayer blog? if so, just shoot me an email.

    love to you!

  6. Beth - I was confused. I sent my email on your prayer blog. I would be pleased if you posted my request.

  7. Dear Nancy,

    Thanks for the tree photo--it is lovely, as you said!

    I will pray for you, sweetie, for peace of mind and healing. Jesus bore ALL your infirmities and carried ALL your diseases.