Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet Fragrance

After Christmas and before New Year's Eve, the Intercessors at our church had their party. I had to step down as I work on their day now, but they are so kind to include me when I can come.

We went to a lovely house with a great kitchen and living room with vaulted ceiling. The dining room was set beautifully with green tablecloth, dishes, crystal, and a present at every place setting. We had a good visit and all received little hat shaped pincushions.

The big room was just right for our gathering and prayer time. It felt so peaceful in that home and so good to be praying together with others again.

We passed out out exchange gifts. I received a book by Stormie Omartian, The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children. This is the perfect season for this book. I have been burdened that I haven't been praying enough for my kids or the proper way. This book helps in that it gives good advice as well as sample prayers to pray and scriptures to go with them. A conformation that this is just the right time came when my daughter and I were visiting and she asked me to pray for her. How nice that with God, things fit together so well. I told my gifter friend how this book as well as her other gifts blessed me.

Not only was our party a sweet fragrance of Godly friendship, but I have a gift I can use for this year. It fits right in with my New Year's plans. Has God blessed you in a special way through a friend?


  1. I feel so blessed by many of my friends. Each has brought something to my life, just at the right moment it seems. I love Stormie's book and I'm glad you got it just at the right time:)

  2. I have one of her books. It is great. What a perfect gift! :O)

  3. It sounds like a wonderful gathering of friends:)
    My good friend blesed us by sending us a box of presents for the holday as she knew we were spending it all alone:)

  4. How fun! I'm hoping this year we'll find a good church home and become involved in it.

  5. So glad you got your new Bible. I pray you will enjoy it as much as I have mine. GOD BLESS YOU, sweet friend!

  6. Hi Nancy -

    I read one of Stormie's books years ago and enjoyed it.

    This year, my desire is to keep growing in the Lord and as a writer.

    Susan :)

  7. I haven't read that one yet. I've read most of Stormy's books, though. I guess I'll keep it in mind because my oldest will be an adult in a year and a half.

  8. The burden of not praying enough is something all Christians seem to go through every once and a while. Probably because we don't pray enough.

    God bless and have a nice day :-)