Thursday, January 27, 2011


Gently falling snow. New snow, softly touching the frozen world. It is very quiet. It falls and sound seems swept up to the heavens from whence the whiteness originated. The flakes cover over the mars of slush and pebbles strewn on rocks and heavy brown boot marks.
I wish the snow could cover over my recent mistakes. An error in checking showed that I had about $30 too much money in my account. That is better than a deficit, but I don't like an uneven balance sheet. The nice bank lady went back several months with me in search of a reason for the blunder. So busy with life and the holidays I left the statements pile up in my drawer. Then I redeemed the cause by fixing it to within $3.00 of the error. The new statement showed that I was worse off than I realized. So I just covered over the mess, wrote the correct amount and vowed to do better in the future.

Another mishap maybe. I tried to help someone who touched my heart, but perhaps didn't like the gift I offered. How could I as God's child not do something? But wisdom can help in future situations of that kind.

Beautiful snow, heavenly snow, God's amazing grace - cover me with your stillness, your hushed majesty, guidance, and love. Snow, continue to speak to me of beauty and not fear of slippery places. Hush and enjoy.


  1. I love standing outside and just listening to the silence when the snow is falling. It is so very peaceful, I love it!

    I used to be the most atrocious checkbook keeper! I got so bad that I wasn't even close to knowing what I had. I let it sit for over a month and just used cash until I could be sure everything was in. Ever since then I have been neurotic about it!

    Have a great evening!

  2. Andy - Wouldn't you know that the one time I let it go, I had the huge mistake?

  3. Hi Nancy -

    I can relate to the checkbook thing. We're also a winter wonderland here, measuring in feet not inches.

    You tied this in so beautifully with God's grace. I'm glad He's so patient with us.

    Susan :)

  4. Oh, Nancy, I can't imagine how you could ever make a mistake by reaching out to someone. You are a wonderful person with a huge heart. As for the checking account... I had a similar issue, only it involved $300 and it wasn't in my favor. I've managed to keep better track since then, though. And remember, we are all human. We all make mistakes. God loves us just the same.

  5. I can hear the silence of the snow in your writing:) And so glad of God's grace in our lives/

  6. I wish I lived nearby. You sound like the kind of friend I would want to have:)

  7. I wish the snow could blanket my mistakes... I have made many!!