Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Tribute

When I was a little girl in school, we always celebrated George Washington and Abraham Lincoln's birthdays along with Valentines Day. We even got George's day, Feb. 22 off. That was loads of fun for little girls in the middle of winter. Now I appreciate our February presidents even more than ever. I know some new information has been turned up to throw some dirt on their characters. Some of it may even be true. There is only One perfect life. I believe that these two men came at just the right time for our country and I love and honor them. There are a few other presidents I would like to acknowledge.

I enjoy hearing about President Theodore Roosevelt. He just seems so big and full of life. He also seems to have had a twinkle in his eye.

My grandfather was a farmer in Ohio and he always talked lovingly of President Truman as "old Truman." From what little I know, I enjoy his simplicity and quiet courage that some may or may not have appreciated.

I appreciate President Jimmy Carter. When he became president, people started hearing about being "born again." As a Lutheran girl, I might have never heard of "knowing Jesus as my Savior" in the sense that I do today if Mr. Carter hadn't been bold and brave and put it out there for everyone to see.

My favorite president is President Ronald Reagan. I have loved him for a very long time, before he was president or governor of California. There is something about him that grabbed me from the beginning and the more I learned, the more I liked.

I would like to pray for our current president, President Barack Obama, according to 1Tim.2:2 about praying for all in authority. May President Obama be protected from all harm, may he be well and healthy, and may God guide him as he leads this nation. Amen.

There is something I like about all of our presidents and I would like to thank them for serving this country. What a huge job that must be. And since, as a teacher, February was patriotic month, may God Bless America.


  1. Reagan has always been my favorite president! He was truly a great man!

    It burns me up to hear people doing their best to dig up dirt on our presidents, especially the ones from history. There is nothing wrong with pointing out flaws as long as you also point out the strengths! So often people only want to focus on the bad things but conveniently fail to see the good!

    So thank you for giving us a reminder of some of the great men who served us!

  2. Love Reagan too! I think it is sad so many schools and businesses don't observe President's Day, like the myraid of other holidays we do seem to observe. My hubby's company actually gets the day off, I've always been proud of them for that:)

  3. Teddy Roosevelt is one of my all time favorite presidents. Isn't it amazing that such a rough tough man is the one the Teddy bear is named after? He was anything but a Teddy bear.

    I believe it was a 1902 political cartoon of Roosevelt in The Washington Post that spawned the Teddy bear name.

    Take care and have a blessed day :-)


  4. I think I'd choose Bill Clinton, flaws and all. I think he was a really good President. I like Reagan too...he reminds me of the 80s and how simple and fun things were then. But I was a teenager, so I have a feeling it has only a small part to do with the job he did!

  5. Hi Nancy -

    Whatever we think of presidents, we're to pray for them. God can change hearts and turn history around.

    Susan :)

  6. You are so gracious. I pray for our president too, that God turn his heart in His hand.

    BTW, after you last post, we watched "My Man Godfrey" and loved it!! Thanks,

  7. I feel this way about George Bush--something about him is so familiar:)

  8. I hadn't heard about any disparaging "new information," but I completely agree. Washington and Lincoln each came at the right time for our country. And thanks for the reminder to pray for our country's leadership!