Saturday, May 12, 2012

What would you do if...........?

I would like to propose a dilemma to you:

While at the store today, I was just looking around and I saw a sign for greeting cards which indicated that all cards by a certain company were 25% off.  Cards were the one thing I did have on my list for the day.  I had planned to go to the discount store next door and get them but thought it would save time if I bought everything in one stop and the sale was pretty good.

  Well at the checkout, I asked a very kind and sweet young man if the cards were on sale.  Not a single one was sale priced and I  had selected from several different locations.  "If these aren't on sale, you should take that sign down," I said in a calm voice.  My anger was aroused because I hate it when this happens.  I hate the injustice, but I hate what it does to me more.  He asked if I still wanted them.  I take time to pick out greeting cards.  Don't you? (smile)  "Yes, I need them," I answered.  While he was ringing up my purchases, I had time to calm down and get myself right.  Sales are fun and bargain hunting is in my blood.  It's not about the money, it's about the principle of the thing.  When he was finished, I paid it all and told him I was sorry and not to say anything about it.

I know some of you are bargain hunters.  Do you complain when you think you are getting a sale and you don't?  My daughter never questions the register and she has been overcharged several times.  I am at the other end.  I'm thinking of changing my attitude to: if you don't want to pay the price quoted,  just don't get that item and buy the rest.

So now I want to know.....what would you do?


  1. I would probably just point to the sign and ask if it was expired.....if so and if they didn't give me the sale price I was planning on, I probably wouldn't buy them. I hope I wouldn't come across nasty :)

    (Now that I think about it, the price of cards is such that I probably wouldn't have been picking them out there in the first place....If I don't make a card, I usually try to find a nice one at Dollar General.)

  2. Rebecca - You are so right about that. The price of cards is atrocious and getting worse all of the time. The thing is, I love sending cards. I guess I will have to make more of my own.

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I have asked salespeople to come with me and shown them the sign. If they can't do anything, I ask for a manager. If the sign is there, they're supposed to honor it. If they refuse, I don't purchase the item.

    This is one of the hazards of bargain hunting/couponing. I realize many of the store policies are complicated and cashiers are just trying to do their job.

  4. I do get a little miffed when I buy something specifically because it's "on sale". I constantly watch the register when I'm checking out. Soemtimes things ARE on sale but the register doesn't pick it up and it has to be keyed in manually. THAT happens to be all the time, so I do speak up. :)

  5. I will ask politely about items that I thought were on sale. Sometimes I will continue with the purchase, sometimes not, depending on the price, etc. I used to work in retail, so I can relate to the challenges there are. I try and be as polite and kind about it as possible, even if the staff is rude (which happens rarely). There's nothing wrong with asking and being firm about something in a nice way, you know? It's often not their fault that there is a mix up, plus I want to be a good witness wherever I go. I had a friend remind me once that we might be the only representation of Jesus someone sees in a day. I aim to act accordingly, although some days I know I do better than others. :)

  6. Oooh, a frustrating situation for sure! But your reader Susan is correct, if the sign is there the store must honor it. I'm not the type that will put up a fight, I'd probably just choose not to purchase them and avoid any hassle. But I have a friend who would wait and speak with the manager if it became necessary. (She used to work in retail and knew the rules!)

  7. I used to own a store. If I posted a sale, I had to give the sale.I wouldn't have taken the cards:) I would have asked them to honor their advertising. Nicely:))