Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Things

This is just one of those times when things are going crazy. I went to my blog and the phone rang.  I had a long conversation with my sister.  Then I got started again and the phone rang again.  Well, now we are doing fine.

My daughter, Dawn, went back home to Tennessee after being here for two weeks.  We had such fun shopping and playing "Nerd Games."  One day, for something different, I got out my craft box and we both made something.  She created an outfit on a wee hanger so small you could put it on a note card. I made a collage.  It's always fun to work together.  Taking Dawn home, I got to go past my Alma Mater, Bowling Green State University on the way going and coming.  It is always fun to see how much the town has been built up since I left many years ago.

Now I am entering on my big Spring cleaning of '12.  I managed to get the kitchen cleaned in two days.  That was a bit of a  push as I usually need three days for that.  Now it's done and looks sparkly.  I hope to do two to three rooms a week until I'm done at the end of May.  Once I set myself a task like this, I get tunnel vision and don't like to be disturbed.  If I do get an interruption, I'll just have to go into June, but I hope that doesn't happen.

In June, I'd like to do some more creating.  I'm not sure what, but something.  Spring just has that "get going" feel about it.  I may put in a small flower garden the first week, but my attempts at gardening last year left much to be desired.  I don't know if it is the soil or just my lack of ambition to be out there working.

I'm babysitting the two boys (remember my two two-year-olds?)  That has been fun and exciting.  I am only needed once a week or so for the summer, so that's why I have time to think of other persuits.

Hope everything is well with all of you.  Have you any plans to continue Springtime fun?


  1. Spring cleaning - now there's something I need to do around here! Have done some here and there, but nothing intensive yet. Perhaps tomorrow...:)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Spring does make you feel like doing things! I can't wait to dig into my garden and start planting.

  3. Spring always energizes me. I'm yearning to start my garden.

  4. I'm jealous of your spring cleaning. I can't seem to find the time right now and our home needs it desperately!

    And I agree--there is something just so revitalizing about spring time! And I love how even when you can't see the flowers, their fragrance always seems to be in the air.