Friday, June 22, 2012

Body Of Work

Several years ago I saw a little blurb about one of the Beatles, George, I think, and it praised  his "body of work."  That phrase hit me hard.  I was so envious that he had all of these songs, this beautiful music to show for his life.  And before I could get too down, the Lord told me that I, too, had a body of work.

He gently reminded me of all of the short stories I had written and which are still in my files.  He said not to forget the novels I have written, and the early poems.  I was beginning to see what He meant.  "But Lord, those aren't even published."  "No," He said, "but you tried.  You sent them out diligently.  Look at all of those little notes at first and also the kind letters that were sent in  response.  You were only responsible for the offense.  I do the defense."

"Let's look at those letters from Me and articles that you wrote and shared, just for My sake and the Gospel's.  You will never know until you get to heaven whom they affected or how much.  When you sent out a devotional, even though it came back, it could have had many readers before it was returned.  It didn't get the wide audience you craved, but what if I just wanted some little lady in some far city to be encouraged and you did it with that piece of writing?"

I think I'm seeing a pattern here.  "Never forget, Child, that you also have your Box.  When you get discouraged, look in there.  So many little things you have done that you don't remember are captured by loving notes.  That, too, is included in your body of work."

"Most of all, look at your photo albums, each one lovingly tended.  Here is your true vocation.  Any time taken from your dreams and put into my Living Letters will be well rewarded some day.  So you see, if your time were up, you would leave many important pieces of work behind that together forms quite a body of sharing from My heart to others.  And with your extra days that I give you, carry on.  Go deeper with me and add daily to your list.  I am right behind you, leading you on."

This idea, taken from one of my "letters from God," is not to show off the things I've done because many other people have done far more.  It is to encourage some heart who may just need to know that little efforts build up to the great thing you want to do.  Indeed, the little acts become the great thing even as you move toward your goal.  


  1. Hi Nancy -

    Beautiful post! Thank you for the reminder.

    Susan :)

  2. I agree with Susan. Thanks for the reminder!

    Have a great week,
    Karen :)

  3. That's so beautiful. And isn't that the most important body of work that we could have? :)

  4. That LAST line says it all! Thanks for the encouragement.