Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Three Good Things

The first good thing I want to talk about today is that we finally got our first snow here in Michigan.  But Praise God, it was just flurries.  My dear husband had my car brushed off before I even got up.  I know snow is coming, the kind that clogs the roads and makes them slippery.  But for today, I am very happy to see a light dusting that actually stirs up the little girl in me who used to love the stuff.

The second good thing happened at the optometrist's office.  My eyes haven't been quite 100% since I got new lenses after cataract surgery.  My doctor worked up a prescription recently in Oct. and he did some tests.  My eyes are just doing their own thing, but today I was able to order a pair of glasses that will work for a time since my license says I need to wear them for driving.  It was nearly all paid for this time by my insurance.  And I got some cute new frames thrown in for good measure.

The third good thing is all of the smells here and there at this time of year.  I raked up leaves recently and I enjoy that pungent aroma. My son and his wife made a lovely roast and the scent was heavenly with rosemary.  Everywhere I go in the stores I smell my daughter's favorite, pumpkin spice. I put on one of those perfume strips from a fashion magazine and hit the jackpot.  I don't know what it was, but if was so fresh and feminine and wonderful and not too overpowering.  (I should have written it down on the paper.)  Near the end of summer, I smelled real licorice.  Oh, that took me way back to my childhood and the big case of penny candy at the little mom and pop store.

Here's hoping that you get some good things coming your way. One other thing.  These few weeks between the election and the big Christmas rush are so sweet to me.  I'm busy, but there is a serenity that just comes from this time of Harvest Home.  Enjoy your week.


  1. I love the thought of all those aromas. No snow for us here in Kentucky yet, but I know we will get some at some point. Have a great day.


  2. Counting our blessings here as well. Lots of scents of the season - fragrant cinnamon pine cones at the grocery store, pumpkin pie - just love it!

    Have a great rest of the week,

  3. What wonderful things! Thank you for sharing them. You've just reminded me too that I should do some Christmas shopping. lol

  4. How nice!
    We got our first snow too--but it didn't stick. But it made me bake some chocolate chip cookies and make hot chocolate. :)

  5. I like your list of three good things. Reminds me of wee gratitude journal I've been keeping these days. Sometimes my list has three good things, sometimes more.

    We are blessed, aren't we?