Monday, December 17, 2012

Blessings Floating Down

Several weeks ago, I shared with you how I was just going to write down the good things that happen and rejoice with them.  Some things have happened recently that are just too good to keep to myself.

The fist was when I lost one gold hoop earring from a pair that my late mother had given to me.  I had taken them off and laid them on my computer table.  The next morning I picked up a yellow folder that I needed at church that evening.  One earring was there beside it.  I briefly checked the folder and  looked all over for the other one.  I even sorted two bags for old papers that were under the table.  So for a week it was missing.  Then at church Sun., it was laying on the desk in the office.  What a mystery.  I hadn't even worn those earrings to church.  Even though I had looked, it must have traveled in the folder and been deposited form house to car to church to table at church and then fallen out.  Anyway, I consider it one of my minor miracles.

I had this incision on my stomach that wasn't healing.  It was almost a month and it was no better than day one.  I prayed earnestly for some improvement.  By the next evening, there was a huge improvement and it is almost healed.

This is a small one.  I thought I had all of my presents purchased and all boxes, bags, paper, etc. ready to go.  Then, I discovered that I needed two more bigger boxes.  The day I did my massive wrappings, I got all of the gifts from my computer room and found two boxes inside a huge one that would be just what I needed.  This is how I do "green."  I just use whatever is at hand.  So I was so excited.  And believe this if you will, the Lord caused my older paper, my new paper, the ribbons and tags to match the red and blue beads on my tree.  It all got color coordinated without any real effort on my part.

So wonderful readers, be sure to notice all these little goodies that constantly fly by you like snowflakes.  Catch them before they melt away. 


  1. Don't you just love those small everyday miracles :)

  2. I hope you'll keep up this practice and keep "reporting in", Nancy! We SO need these examples/reminders of the "goodies"....little AND big!

  3. I love the little blessings like this! I think it helps stretch us and our faith, you know? Rejoicing with you over your miracles! :)

  4. Hi Nancy -

    I love when the Lord surprises me with special blessings! Thanks for telling us about your recent "shower of blessings." (Remember that song?)


  5. I love it! And I totally believe in your miracles, big and little!