Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Friends

New Year's Eve is one of my favorite holidays.  Usually I like to be in a small group or have one or two close friends or family, but on this day I feel like a party.  I mean a party where people are happy and expectant of new things to come.  I even enjoy meeting new faces and finding about other lives.  There is just such a spirit of looking forward that I enjoy.

My husband and I have a habit of going to a movie on New Year's Eve or doing a restaurant and a movie or just the restaurant.  This year we are eating at an Italian place, my favorite.  I love to dress up a little bit with a few sparkles, a Christmas pin or some fancy accessory.  Sometimes, we even have dessert.  I will probably be too full for that, but it's a nice thought.

I also love to get out my journal and jot the year down.  Once I start, it always surprises me how much I have been blessed during the past year.  These are my favorite journal entries to go back and read over.  This year I was especially blessed with two new grandchildren.  My son had success with a game he created with a friend, my husband had jolly fun playing in golf tournaments with his Hickory Shaft golf clubs.  My Tennessee kids came home and brought the two month (now 6 month) old baby with them.  I got to watch my two grandsons interact and start preschool.  Hard to believe that one. Had a lovely time with my other son and his wife at the art museum and her choral societies.  See, I'm just getting started.

I won't be sad to put Christmas away.  All I'm taking down is things.  Funny how they seem old after Christmas.  It's as if the life is gone from them for another year.  What I will keep is Christmas in my heart.  I learned a lot about that this season.  That's my only goal.  To keep Christmas well and keep Christ in that Christmas which is in my heart.

Here's wishing that you all have a very Happy New Year.


  1. Hi Nancy -

    When I was a child, I wanted Christmas to last forever. As an adult, I see the value of moving on to a different season.

    I have a brand new journal for the year. It's pristine pages remind me each day is given by God, and I will rejoice and be glad in it.

    Happy New Year,
    Susan :)

  2. I keep a gratitude journal, but I love your idea of doing a entry for the end of the year. And I love your idea of what to do on New Year's Eve. My hubby and I usually just stay home, but I've always thought it might be fun to do one of those super fancy parties, with long dresses, tuxedos, the works! I never thought about going to the movies, though. Thanks for the idea.