Monday, January 28, 2013

A Little Excitement Coming

I usually don't go to the stores unless I need something.  I had to buy a present for a family member.  I was working my way back to the electronics when I spied a rack of Valentine items.  In case you forgot, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.  They had these cute baby bibs, "I love Mommy," and "First Valentine's Day."  I fell for the second one.  The baby doesn't need it, but I had to buy it.  And later, after finding out that the electronics thing wasn't going to come through, I found on another rack by the bibs an assortment of  baby socks.  I was torn between the kind with the knit or print that makes them look like little black ballet shoes and a white pair with a red ruffle.  The ruffle sold me.  I'm prttty sure these will get used. 

I had forgotten, that around all of the white of snow lies a holiday with red piercing the ice and making its mark.  A red rose in winter is Valentine's Day to me.

I finally got my decorations up for the day and they look so bright and cheerful.  My heart just bursts with life when I see all the reds and pinks.  I love pink and red and white and purple together.  Valentine's Day is a fancy ladies' "day, a romantic day.  I love those black silhouettes of people doing the minuet.  I used to make cutouts like that.  Such a feast foe the eye is there if only you look in the right places.  And if you gaze outside, yo might just see a cardinal sitting on a bare branch or fluttering by.

I'm getting ready for the groundhog and Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and a short month and red and a little spring thaw.  Oh, so much excitement.  And that's just the externals.  Inside, all is well and so I hope with you.


  1.'re so cute. Feb is filled with some great holidays!!

  2. I love February's birthstone - amethyst. Maybe I'm partial to it because I love purple, but I think it's because it's my birthday month. :)

  3. What grandma can resist buying a little something for their grandbaby? I know I can't. :)

  4. You inspire me, Nancy! Aside from my Valentine-themed antenna ball on my car, I don't have any Valentine's Day decorations. I think I need to find myself a pair of heart-shaped, rose-colored sunglasses or something. And I'm definitely wearing red tomorrow. :o)

  5. I keep being reminded it's Valentine's soon. lol I didn't know it was your favorite holiday. :-)