Monday, January 7, 2013

Are You Enjoying Winter Yet?

I managed to get my Christmas decorations put away yesterday.  I was going to wait, but I had time and so took advantage.  I left out my little wooden pine trees which I put on top of my antique secretary.  They just look so simple and primitive and outdoorsy.  They remind me of the page in the children's book The Polar Express where a few wolves roam in the nighttime amidst tall pines.  It's lonely, beautiful, and just the tiniest bit scary.  That is my favorite page in the book.

I think it is also the reason why I came to Michigan from Ohio 44 years ago.  My family was headed up to the Mackinac Bridge.  We traveled through all of the lower peninsula to get there.  I remember seeing row upon row of nothing but dense pine trees on either side of the road.  It was so gorgeous, so pristine.  The radio signals were very clear.  It was then that a love for this state first came upon me.  Little did I know that Michigan is suited for people who love the outdoors.  As far as that goes, I love sitting in and looking out.

I'm usually not a big fan of snow, but yesterday, as I left my church, the snow was coming down in such pretty flakes that it almost took my breath away by its beauty.  My heart burst with joy and I started singing Winter Wonderland.  The couple leaving with me joined in.  There is just so much fun to be had.  Hope this winter weather is a very good thing for you.


  1. Not so very wintery here in Kentucky. It is going to be in the 60s this weekend, but then it will colder later next week. Enjoy your snow.

  2. Well you know I dread winters but this year hasn't been so bad for us so far. I love seeing the snow fall--hate seeing it lay around for weeks! lol We booked a trip to Fl for Feb so that makes me endure!

  3. We've had a little snow here in north central KY - maybe a total of five inches so far this winter. I don't mind the snow; it's always so pretty! :)

  4. We've only had a few inches of snow so far this year. I'll be quite happy if it stays that way. I also prefer looking at a winter wonderland from inside the house. :)

  5. I do love the beauty of winter--although this winter has been a bit strange here in ol' Michigan. Honestly, if I wouldn't freeze, I would love to just walk into the woods and sit down right on the ground. Just absorb the sweet, cold air, the silent swirling flakes. One of my nieces has lived in Florida all her life and she asked me to describe what sledding was like. That was a nice writing challenge!