Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

My husband is in the hospital with a knee transplant.  He is doing pretty well so far.  I am supposed to visit him tonight, but there is a big storm coming this way, a big wet, snowy one.  Hope I can go, but the most important day is Thurs. when I am supposed to take him home.  That day looks pretty good.

I got two pair of boots recently.  They were both on sale so I could afford both of them.  The first pair is short little black boots with wooden heels.  The only place I could wear these is to church.  I want to wear them with a short coat and a skirt.  I saw this look in an old movie, Holiday Inn.  The heroine had the cutest short black boots I have ever seen.  Of course we all wore winter boots then.  They don't even sell her kind any more.  I wanted to try to get a similar effect.  My daughter thinks they are awful.  They probably are.  I wonder if I should try to take them back or just be brave and let people stare and poke fun.

The other pair is long and brown.  They are comfy and I can tuck my jeans in them.  I can wear them to see the kids, take them off, and wear them to church that night instead of bringing an extra pair of shoes along.

God has been confirming themes for me.  One is an open heaven.  God is bringing joy and healing forth and I want to make sure I take my part in this.  He may be bringing me a long hoped for partner in ministry.  We'll see how that turns out.  He is pulling together different promises and I see a bunch of loose balloons being pulled together and secured in a knot so that they can be used together.

Exciting times are ahead.  I can sense them coming.  At least with God, every day is a good day in Him.


  1. I hope your husband recovers quickly! Your boots sound cute, esp. the long ones. :-)

  2. Every day is a good one in Him, I agree! Hope hubby is on the mend and gets to come home tomorrow. :)

  3. I hope you were able to get your hubby home safe today! My hubby has had three knee surgeries, but never a knee transplant.

    Now as far as the boots go, I say if you feel fun wearing them, wear them! I do listen to my daughter regarding fashion...sometimes. ;o) I just bought a fun hat on on sale and I've been wearing it a lot. I've always loved hats but I don't see many women wearing them. But then I thought, "Hey, I like it. I'm wearin' it!" So go for it!

  4. This is a correction. My husband had a hip replacement. He has had so many knee operations I forgot the count. So I guess I have knee on the brain.

    His hip surgery went well and he did get to go home on Thurs.

  5. I hope your husband is doing better.

    I say, "keep the boots and enjoy them." :)