Monday, March 11, 2013

Top Of The Mornin' To You

I know that a lot of people don't celebrate St. Patrick's day.  I can understand that.  Some of the fun parties they have on this day are not for everybody.  And not everyone likes a parade.  I think the idea of celebrating somebody who was a missionary is a nice idea.  Most of all I just love all the green and the cute decorations that go with it.  I have an Irish lassie salt and pepper set that I put out and in one of my flea market excursions, I found a lovely lady dancer figurine that goes perfectly with them.  I put out all of the green things I could find around the house.

On top of this, I just love Ireland.  When I went to Europe, l went on the Eurail pass which started in Amsterdam. My friend could get away earlier and she went to Ireland without me, so I never got to see my dream place.

When I was a little girl, for some reason, our school did celebrate the holiday and we colored lots of pictures that were shamrocks, hats, and even a Patrick Potato poem and color picture.  So, very early, it was just inserted into my set of holidays I loved to acknowledge.

I'm planning on wearing my greet sweater on that day and my tiny shamrock earrings.  Hope you have a grand day whether you celebrate St. Patrick's day or not.

(The little picture on the right is from It's a Small World at the 1964 New York World's Fair.)


  1. I don't really celebrate it now, but I do remember coloring shamrocks in school :)

  2. Love the green background! We never celebrated it, but we did celebrate my sister's birthday, which fell on March 17. She would have been 50 this year.

  3. I don't celebrate it but enjoy seeing the celebrations on TV.