Monday, April 22, 2013

Four Years and Four Hundred Blogs

Today is the anniversary of my first blog.  Actually it was April 24, 2009.  But that's close enough.  When I started, I just wanted to have a place to post all of the stories, devotions, poems and little writings that I had collected.  I thought it would be fun to let it be a sort of journal of my life, too.  And that is what it turned out to be. 

Several of my fellow bloggers started that same year.  I was lucky enough to find one terrific writer and from her blog, I got other writer friends.  It was so much fun watching the people I had written to follow me on my own blog.  I have made so many good friends.

There may have been Facebook, but Twitter came later and Pinterest and all of the other new social networks.  I didn't even have a good computer back then and had to go to the library twice a week to blog.  It was worth it.  For four years, I have had the opportunity to learn so much from other bloggers.

So, today I just want to celebrate the many friendships and joys of blogging.  I have 368 regular posts and 41 of the "Tell Me a Story" blog.  That makes over 400 blogs.  And the ones that were the most fun were the one where I just sat and talked to you as friends.

I will have a bit more about this next week.  See you then.  Nancy 


  1. Happy anniversary, Nancy. I think blogging means so many different things to those of us who do it. I know that I have met some amazing people and I am certainly glad that you are one of them.