Monday, April 15, 2013

Sitcom or Reality?

I wanted to tell you that the "something special" on my LBD was that I happened to put my rhinestone
JESUS pin right in the center pocket.  It was so cool to see it there in the picture. I used to wear that pin on my denim jacket or my dark flannel dress.  I got a lot of comments on it and it was a great story starter.

I had my birthday last week and several family members made it so special.  Did you ever feel like you just needed a boost?  Well, my family and friends (including some of you on Facebook,) gave me just the little jolt of joy I needed.  Thanks to all of you.

On another note, I miss the old sitcoms that used to be on TV.  My favorite was The Andy Griffith Show.  Barney always made me roar with laughter and Andy and Opie were so good together.  Another show I loved was the first The Bob Newhart Show.  The characters were so funny and Bob was so deadpan.  He always did a great job.  I thought Susanne Pleshette was so pretty and I loved the way she and Bob joked with each other.

The last show we watched was Monk.  I love mysteries.  The fact that he was a bit odd made it fun for because I have just a few of the same little quirks.  (Ex. - hating to merge with traffic.)

There are a few reality shows that we like.  My favorite is American Pickers.  Two guys go all over the midwest and buy junk for their two stores.  It's always rusted signs and what looks like junk to me, but they are very knowledgeable and people seem to want to buy what they "pick."  They are also very kind and generous. 

I also love the shows Chopped and Worst Cooks in America.  The latter shows me that even though I rarely cook a meal, I could, and I am NOT the worst cook, by far.

So, do you watch the new sitcoms or are you all reality oriented?  Is there a special old show you miss?


  1. I used to love Bob Newhart--both his sitcoms.

    Right now I watch American Pickers too--and Pawn Stars and American Idol.
    Although I did catch Worst Cooks in America once in a while.

  2. American Pickers is the only reality show I watch. I love the old sitcoms, too.

  3. We always liked Monk too. Don't watch any of the new sitcoms, but do enjoy an occasional rerun of I Love Lucy. I also like to watch Say Yes to the Dress. Planning ahead for when my daughter gets married someday. :)

    1. Karen - That's a fun show to watch. My daughter and I enjoyed it when she was selecting a dress.