Monday, October 19, 2009

The Record Keeper

When my sisters and I were small, we spent many days at my grand-parents farmhouse. We are standing in front of an enclosed stairway. To the right is a parlor which my grandmother called the little room. Here she had a beautiful piece of furniture called a secretary. Starting from the top of the piece was an oval mirror and hat rack. Next came a slanted desk with three drawers below. To the left were shelves covered by a curved glass.

In the second drawer, we found all sorts of scarves and linnens. We were allowed to play with anything in this drawer. In those days, women and girls wore scarves around their heads and tied at the chins, babushka style.

The scarf I am wearing on the left was black and white shiny material. The one my sister is wearing on the right was white with flowers and a deep blue border. It was very soft. We spent many happy hours being princesses, ladies, and brides. My heart and mind go back to those days so many times.

The beautiful secretary now resides in my living room. It provided the backdrop for many important occacions at the old house we used to have as my children were growing up. For all these reasons and more, I treasure it. Because of all the pictures taken before it, I call it my record keeper. What do you do to catch a memory?


  1. My grandma had a drawer filled with stuff to play with in a dresser in her room. I loved going in there and digging to see what kind of treasures I could find. I love that picture, by the way.

  2. What a cute pic! I loved playing dress up as a child. How do I capture a memory? I don't know. I wish I could do it better.

  3. This is SO cute - I love the pictures!

  4. We loved playing dress-up. The best treat was when Mom would let us play with her make-up--we thought we'd died and gone to heaven. Love the picture!

  5. I love the picture! It made me think of events in my past. Isn't it funny how we can remember a certain piece of furniture?

  6. I too have a secretary that was my grandmothers and I just love it! I have many memories of pulling down the front of it and playing with the things she kept in it.

    Love the picture!

  7. Oh, Nancy, what a lovely heritage your grandma gave you. Thanks for sharing your memories and sweet photo with us.

    My most vivid memories are captured when I smell something like eucalyptus trees--we played in a grove up eucalyptus when I was a child. Every time that scent visits me, I am back there.

  8. Awww. So adorable. Back then we had to have imagination and creativity to have costumes like that. Now you can just buy princess costumes in the store.

  9. Great priceless picture and memory.. I love it.
    Thank you for sharing it.
    Love to you.