Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Season of Delight

This is turning out to be a pretty fall so far in Michigan. We have had a lot of rainy days, but the sunny ones are gorgeous. One day last week I was walking along and looking up, there above me were the most fantastic clouds I have ever seen. It was like a whole spilled bag of cotton balls, all smushed together and spread across the sky. And the blue around it was a sort of Wedgewood shade. My, oh, my.

I got my first apples of the season and the orchard is just down the road from me. Empire apples are a bit like Jonathan and a bit like Macintosh. So delicious and crisp.

I decorated for fall. This isn't something I have to do. It's something I love to do. I was a bit late because of all my busyness. I changed my candle from blue to burgandy, put out a few duck decorations, a few china pumpkins, put a fall boquet in my brown stone floor jar, dressed our American Girl dolls in darker colors and put fall cards in my wire card holder which I display above my cabinets. I never know how its going to turn out. I just start and God and I play with decoration.

I went shopping and got two new pairs of shoes. One pair is pumps and one is tie shoes. The tie shoes are a combination of Keds and athletic shoes. I love them. Also got three plaid tunic/dress things to wear over jeans and an undershirt when it gets cold. Plaid is so in this year. I know I'm too young for the look, but I just couldn't resist. One is my favorite tartan - Dress Stewart. And I got some perfume. Oh, happy day. A dear friend from church gave me two lovely bottles.

I'm blessed to be watching my grandson two and three days a week. Those are fun days for me. I still need to see the eye doctor about every 10 days or so. We are still in "what happened?" mode. God has assured me that at the end of all this are two clear eyes. He is so faithful.

I got two new jobs at church that I am very excited about. They are both in the area of my giftings so I am hoping to get started soon.

Lastly there's blogging and housework. The first I love and the latter I enjoy most of the time. The Lord has been showing me that He took care of me for the first portion of my life and I did a lot of worrying during that time. He said He was using this eye trial to help me learn to let Him carry the burdens. He said He didn't want me to waste any more of my life on anxiety. The latter years were to be the best years and I was to trust Him. So I hope you are likewise enjoying this wonderful fall season. If you live where the seasons don't change, come to Michigan. It's a stunner!


  1. The leaves really haven't turned much here in Richmond, Va. I love autumn and I love all the colors GOD spills across His creation.

    Blessings, andrea

  2. Did you say you enjoyed housework? Ugh! I wish I did. I love fall, but it seems to have skipped over us this year in Kansas. It's been cold and cloudy or rainy for the last couple of weeks. I'm glad you are enjoying your fall. Hope all goes well with your eyes.

  3. I didn't know you were in Michigan too! I'm way down on the bottom, but it still counts! And you're right, fall is gorgeous this year. Mm-mm.

    Enjoy the apples!

  4. Housework...yuck! But this is a busy time for me as well. It's my favorite time of the year but I never get to enjoy it because things are so crazy!

  5. I'm back in Florida to a heat wave but I loved the fall colors in Seattle. I just bought some macintosh apples to make applesauce. Can you use the Empire ones too?

  6. Terri - I'm not familiar with Empire applesause, but thee is a green apple (Not Granny Smith,) that we used to call "transparent apples." When you mash it, it comes out all smooth. You don't have to strain it. And it is tart/sweet. Just amazing. I don't know if they have these in Michigan, but we had them on the farm in Ohio.

  7. Sounds like a lot of good stuff this week. Keeping busy and listeneing to God. Great! :O)

  8. Oh wow, I'm in Michigan too, along with Jill! Where are you at, Nancy? I'm in the center of the mitt. And you're right, the fall is beautiful this time of year, although more cold than usual!

  9. Hi Nancy,
    This is my first visit to your blog. I MISS those Michigan falls! I used to live there, and usually visit at least once a year--mostly in the fall.

    Enjoy those fall decorations and crisp apples!

  10. I love how you decorate for each season. Especially dressing the American Girls dolls. It's always an adventure seeing what creative thing you're up to. I've been decorating the office space in my new tiny apartment, and it's lots of fun. I have a giant calculator and colossal scissors on the wall and a rubber chicken dangling from a light post. Not classy like your house, but it's lots of fun. Blessings on that grandson.


  11. Nancy:
    I love it that you enjoy your life, and are obeying the Lord in His call not to waste any more time on anxiety. What an example! Thank you for this lovely post,
    Audience of ONE

  12. Hi Teresa - I'm glad you are enjoying decorating your new place.

    On the map of Michigan, I live about half way down from the V the thumb makes to the wrist, on the right side.