Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heaven Scent

When someone comes up to me and gives me a hug (and they do this at my church,) I love it when they say "umm, you smell good." This hasn't happened lately because my supply of White Shoulders has run out. I love those small bottles of real perfume you can get for $8.00 around here. I haven't seen any of those lately and I can't expect a big bottle of the good cologne until Christmas. I don't like the spray ones. They don't smell as nice for some reason. Right now I'm stuck with about 1/4 bottle of something generally known as Freesia. It just doesn't do anything for me though I loved it when my daughter wore it.

The sweet perfumes have always been my favorites. Way back when I was a teen and was first allowed to wear perfume, I loved Woodhue. Then in college, a fancier and similar scent was Ambush. Then I got used to Sweet Honesty by Avon. On one Valentine's Day, my husband and I were beginning our lovely meal when the waitress handed me a small present - a bottle of perfume. It was called Bakir. Very heavy and sweet, but I loved it. Haven't seen it around lately.

There are some modern scents that are very popular, but I don't care for them. New brands I am considering are Tuberose Gardenia and Burberry. I get those samples from magazines, cut them in half and actually wear them. Every once in awhile I get excited. That happened with Gardenia and Burberry. The trouble with Burberry is that they have several different fragrances of that name and I don't know which one I tried. It was fantastic. It may have been the one with the plaid on the box, but I'm not sure. That would be cool because I love plaid. I'll have to investigate that some more.

I might just have to use up my paper strips unless I can get a small bottle of something somewhere. One thing I don't want is to be like the lady in the theater whose scent is way ahead of her. No, I want to wait for the lovely words, "you smell so nice today."


  1. I love perfume, but many of them give me a headache, or I'm allergic to them. I opt just to not wear any. I don't have many people tell me that I smell good, but at least I don't start sneezing or get a migraine.

  2. I, too am allergic to most perfumes.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  3. I don't wear a lot of perfume either. The only one that doesn't give me a headache is "HAPPY" by clinique. I usually just use bath and body works body spray. Light but smells great!

  4. I wish someone would say I smell nice! LOL No one ever does though. Heehee.
    The other day at church we were waiting in line for nursery and I could smell the lady behind me. She smelled so good! And then my five year old said, I smell skittles mommy! And I was like, no, it's just that lady. :-)

  5. Jessica - I like sweet perfumes, but Skittles may be a bit too sweet.

  6. I like fresh scents too -
    Love to you.