Saturday, August 28, 2010


This week September officially begins. Fall is not my favorite season, but I do love this month. I feel like a perpetual student. I have been doing the going back to school thing for so long, as a student and a teacher, that I actually had to grieve the first year nobody went anywhere. Now I'm used to it, but the idea lingers. It is like a New Year for me. I divide the year from Sept. to Sept. more that from Jan. to Jan. I get new things to do. I get new ideas. I will say that when the first chill comes, it's easier to think than in the heat of summer.

Right now, our church is doing a new teaching called The Way of the Warrior, by Graham Cooke. Actually only the intercessors are doing it. It's very intense and liberating at the same time. I also got to know my neighbor better this summer and we had a fun shopping time yesterday, as friends. I may get to go to New England with one or two sisters. A car trip. It will be like old times when my family took off and enjoyed the new Ohio Turnpike.

Sept. is my favorite time for shopping and magazines. I usually get two or three to go through the clothes, see what I want to get to add to my already full wardrobe, and find cute tricks of putting this and that together in new and different ways. That's my favorite part.

I will decorate my house for fall, put my fall clothes in my new, cleaned out closet, and put away the completely summer things.

I have been passing out more of my old writings. They are used and enjoyed. Yeah.

Is this a good time for you? What about it excites you?


  1. Hi Nancy -

    I enjoy the colors of fall and the crisp air. While I love summer and the freedom of no coats or boots, the heat does make me lethargic.

    Funny you should mention passing out your old writings. I've been thinking of digging through mine and re-purposing it.

    Susan :)

  2. Were I live in Southern California we can hardly tell one season from another. So as far as the weather goes it's almost always a good time for us.


  3. I like this time of year, when the mornings and evenings are not so unbearably hot. And in October the leaves change to brilliant organges and reds that make my eyes dance!


  4. You're doing great getting through your old stories. It's fun to see how we used to write. Have fun reading through magazines!

  5. Susan - Fabulous. Others would love to receive a copy of anything you have written. Go for it.

    Ron - You are very blessed. I love the sunny skies out west.

    Jen - Fall is gorgeous, I agree. It's that old prickly winter lurking that I can't help noticing lurking in the background.

    Jill - I think my old writings were better in one way, I was a real "passionista." Now I feel I hide things more to make them "fit in."

  6. Fall is my favorite time of year. I really enjoy the change of seasons and the cooler weather:) I need to clean out my closet, better get busy!