Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Four Very Nice People

Well, I'm back to my blog. It was pleasant to be off-line for a bit. Once on the trip, I saw a computer sitting in the lobby and I had an itch to blog, but our time was short in the evenings as well as all of the other times, so I didn't indulge.

We had a wonderful New England trip. The weather was so warm, we didn't need even jackets most of the time. It was more like mid-summer. Blue sky except the two days we were along the coast.

I went at least 2000 miles and we were in 10 states. Having a taste of many New England states, I would have to say I loved Vermont and Maine the best though Boston was fabulous.

I'd like to tell you about four very nice people we met. At the Bennington, Vermont gift shop which was next to a commemorative obelisk, an older lady waited on us. She seemed to have trouble walking yet her cheerful demeanor was so appreciated. We browsed quite a long time, bought and came back and bought some more. She never got grouchy. So pleasant.

As we were leaving Vermont and heading to Maine, we were pulled to the side of the road thinking and rethinking our route. Another elderly woman came up to the car and asked if we were lost. "Yes" times two. She gave us directions from Vermont to Concord, in another state.

There was an important turn about half way there and she gave us the heads up on that one. It all worked out just as she said.
We were riding through New Hampshire and my sister cried out in pain, Before I could react, a middle-age gentleman on the curb said, "it was a bee wasn't it?" It was and he asked if we needed help. "No, but thank you very much."

Now we are in Boston, looking for our first point or interest and dinner, The Union Oyster House. We went up one street and down another. So many one-way streets, it's easy to get lost and we were. We asked a nice looking middle-age man the way. He started to tell us and then said, "I'll show you." He walked with us for awhile. Then he pointed and we said thanks and he said, "Oh, I'll go with you, I have to catch the train." We were escorted to within a street across from our destination and had sights pointed out to us along the way.

What do you suppose made these people go beyond the call of duty? It wasn't their age or their state as they represented four different ones. There are just a lot of very nice people out there. These were just the best examples we found.

I'm going to be telling some stories of the trip itself and showing a few pictures for the next several blogs. Hope you like my travelogue. There will be some funny moments along the way, I promise.


  1. Usually its the opposite and you run into rude people when you travel. Nice trip! :O)

  2. I'm so glad you had a lovely trip, Nancy. I think there are more kind people in the world than rude ones. At least, that's my theory.


  3. I love it when I come across people like that. It's a reminder that their are good people in this world.

  4. Hi Nancy -

    Were they small towns? I'm finding small town life friendlier than big cities.

    Susan :)

  5. I'm so glad you're back, but I'm even happier you had such a great time! And what wonderful people!

  6. I really do believe that most people are nice and helpful. I'm so glad you met some and what blessings they were to you! Makes me think about how my behavior might affect someone.
    Welcome home!

  7. Welcome home!! I've missed you and so it was a pleasant surprise to see your name. I look forward to hearing more:)

  8. It sounds like you had a very interesting trip. I look forward to reading some of your future posts.