Saturday, September 11, 2010

Getting a Little Bit Crafty

Today, I thought I'd do a few craft ideas that that were fun to do, mostly with things I had around the house. The first one is my basket-coffee table. I received a large picnic basket from my grandmother. I put my dad's old college suitcase on top of it. Then, the crowning touch, a battenburg lace pillowcase as a tablecloth. I use this little table every morning to support my coffee, juice, and small breakfast plate. I can put magazines here or my small photo album.

In the next picture, I have my wire card holder. It has harvest cards on right now, but I have done Valentine's Day, roses for spring, postcards from Europe for the non-holiday months, and current photos like when we saw the Detroit Tigers play in Florida. The neat thing is that it is so easy to fan the cards out or make them small depending on your space. It makes a cheap large centerpiece if you need one. I got mine at a card store. It's just a simple double row of circles that squeeze together.

The last picture is of a plastic case filled with little sections that I found at Joann's Fabrics. It even has dividers to make each space smaller if you desire. After using my fabulous find for jewelry for several years, I inherited my daughter's white chest of drawers. It has a large flat top drawer. I bought several drawer dividers, put them in the drawer and nearly doubled my space. As a jewelry lover, I never had enough places to put my things before and I couldn't see it well. Now I can see all of it laid out nicely in the drawer and I know where everything is in the blue section box. As you can see, I prettied it up with a scarf and corsage.

These are just a few ideas to try. Hope you like them. Nancy


  1. Love to see things repurposed and reused. Great job! :O)

  2. Hi Diane -

    Very creative use of these items! I would never have thought of using the card holder as a centerpiece.

    Susan :)

  3. You are very creative. looks great.

  4. I like the card holder. What a great way to show your cards in an organized way. :-)