Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And We Go Home

We went on our last excursion to Ketchikan. Here were many totem poles. This was our best day, weather wise, and I got some great blue skies totems. We also visited a Salmon hatchery. Here we saw real live bald eagles up close. One fun thing about this trip was that our guide looked like our son, Ben. I'm fascinated by the young people who come to Alaska in the summers to be tour guides. Very few are natives. They have to learn the lore for whatever tour they do and they have to learn how to maneuver and parallel park a huge bus. That's quite a feat. Plus they are so friendly. I'd say they are America's next generation of hard workers and adventurers.

We had a great last day on board the ship. I tried to stare at and remember each beautiful thing that was now familiar, because I was going home and who knows if I'll ever get to touch such extravagance again.

We got off the ship and ended up in Vancouver, B.C. I love this city. There are museums and little shops and parks. Lovely. We stayed at our last luxury, The Four Seasons Hotel and had a fancy dinner due to our anniversary. During the day, we saw all of the area from mostly the blue trolley and for a little bit the red trolley. This was one of our excursions. You could get off at Chinatown and a few other places, but my husband refused to move and we had so much fun just seeing all over and taking pictures. My pics look like I was there anyway. The picture on the blog of easels is art work down by the pier. They are a collection of other photographs and things.

Well, we spent a long day the next day getting home as we had to wait in customs lines for a very long time. Our plane was delayed just enough so the extra time didn't bump us off our ride home.

I know that I am privileged to take this trip. It's one of those things that one sometimes gets to do when all of the children are out of college and married. Anyway, thanks for coming along with me. Next time, I want to tell you of my newest adventure. It's free and I'm having so much fun.


  1. I hope some day to head that way. I like it hot but my husband has dreamed of an Alaskan cruise sometime. :O)

  2. It sounds wonderful, Nancy! It sounds as if you mad the most of your Alaskan cruise. (That's my hubby's dream trip.)