Saturday, July 16, 2011

On Board

We had just gotten on the boat and were anxious to put our two suitcases away when the intercom said that we were shortly going to have a muster drill. We were to read the directions on the door, grab two life preservers in the cupboard, and follow the arrows as soon as we heard seven short blasts and one long one. We got our things ready. I was so glad Larry was with me because finding my muster station when I had just boarded was not one of my gifts. We waited and finally the room steward said we could go on ahead. All of the people in our area were there waiting. We got instructions and each had to put our life jacket on. I did it! I was so thrilled. No one wants to think of fire or hitting an iceberg on anything like that. but it is good to be prepared.

We finished and then we got to our rooms and dressed for dinner. It was very late, but good. The next morning, we had time to eat a hearty breakfast at the top floor buffet and then look around. I took pictures of all of the fancy stuff you don't see everyday. I got pics of the outdoor and indoor pools. I was so excited about the outdoor one. There was a place where movies were shown in warmer weather. It's to to right of the people in the picture. We had time during the week to swim at the indoor pool. Here, you could get pizza and ice cream. The water was warm and we had fun.

Lar and I found the library and he spent a lot of time reading and looking out at the water. I got a book and finished it in a few days. The author's last name was Cruise so I thought that was appropriate.

Next time, I'll tell about the entertainment and show you some beautiful glaciers. Thanks for touring with me.


  1. I'm happy for you that you got to do this, Nancy. It sounds a bit stressful to do the muster drill, but you're right--you should be prepared. It's good that they care about your safety.

    Did they feed you night and day? That's what I've always heard about cruises!

    Can't wait to see the glaciers!

  2. Can't wait to hear more! So this was an Alaskan cruise, I assume? My parents have been thinking about taking one, but someone told her it was boring. She's done other cruises.

  3. What a wonderful trip! You are doing some awesome things:)

  4. Oooh, which book did you read?

    The view from the boat looks lovely!

  5. Hi Nancy -

    I've heard the food on these trips is a huge attraction. This is the first time I've heard of a library onboard a cruise ship. Perhaps my friends never mentioned it because they have other interests.

    Did you meet any interesting people along the way?

    Susan :)

  6. We are such booky people, we couldn't avoit the library and I couldn't resist checking out a book on a cruise. How many people have done that? I think the book was called Getting Rid Of Bradley by Jennifer Cruise. I was looking for an Agatha Christy and found this. I liked the mystery, but it had a more adult theme than I care for.